"Come join us alongside 100 maker spaces world wide in a day of creation! On Saturday we will each be building projects of our own or projects for The Hackaday Prize. When with us, make sure add photos & posts about your projects on twitter with the tag #WorldCreateDay and follow along with the world's creation with the tweet wall: http://worldcreateday.tweetwally.com/!" We set aside one day each year to get together and hack. This is Hackaday World Create Day and it's happening at PeopleSpace on March 17th 9AM to 5PM. The core of #WorldCreateDay is to stop making excuses and just build something. Great builds start with a plan. The Hackaday will be here soon so form a team and dream up your entry. Pick one of those projects you’ve been meaning to dive into and get together with some old and new friends to hack on your projects together. • What to bring Bring your own stuff and tools to hack

  • IoT mini expo

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    FREE REGISTRATION HERE: IoT Mini Expo (https://iotexpo.eventbrite.com/) This event is in partnership with Glidewell Technologies, PeopleSpace and Hack Nights. You are invited to the 1st edition IoT Exhibition and Contest in Orange County! Meet the most innovative IoT companies in OC and learn how they are solving business problems in different industries. DEFINING THE IMPACT OF IOT. IoT is changing and improving our lives in a variety of fields and represents one of the most fast-growing branches in technology. IoT is have huge impact on enterprise companies. It enables Business Intelligence and Analytics for powerful decision making and Innovations to shape the future of our the economy and the planet. EXHIBITORS IoT exhibition features some of the most innovative IoT companies in Orange County If you are interested in participating as a exhibitor, please call or email us for further information and to reserve your booth! CONTEST Our IoT Contest winners are voted by YOU! Our attendees are to award the best prototype, best design and best innovation. Do you have the right stuff to win? CONTEST CATEGORIES: 1. BEST DESIGN 2. BEST PROTOTYPE 3. BEST INNOVATIONIOT MINI EXPO OVERVIEW Learn about the latest IoT technologies, solutions and devices. Get a chance to see and try it yourself!Understand how IoT technology works and how it is improving our lives from healthcare, wellness to home improvement and entertainment.Meet some of the most advanced IoT companies in OC and identify potential providers, partners and employers.Hear from successful companies that develop or use IoT solutions to drive growth and profitability to improve performance.Participate int eh IoT Mini Expo’s 1st ever contest! Present your own idea or prototype, everyone gets to vote!!Connect and network with tech professionals, startups, company executives, and anyone interested and passionate about IoT. JOIN US FOR A DAY OF TECH EDUCATION, NETWORKING AND FUN! FREE REGISTRATION HERE: IoT Mini Expo (https://iotexpo.eventbrite.com/) This event is presented by a collaboration between PeopleSpace, Glidewell Laboratories and Hack Nights.

  • OCAI: Goal Trees and Rule based systems


    This discussion is will be a continuation of the previous “Artificial Intelligence: Intro.” We will be watching a short lecture video about early AI programs and their utilization of goal trees. Please bring your own lunch. It is still a self-study group for noobs. Thank you.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Intro

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    David, a math and computer science student from USC, is leading a group discussion on computer and everything related topics during his summer break. We will watch a short lecture video followed by a group discussion. Please bring your own lunch. It's a self-study group for noobs. Thank you.

  • OLLOBOT Hack-a-thon

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    [Event> OLLOBOT Hack-a-thon has come back for 2017 AT&T Shape !!!! * Theme: Entertainment & Technology * What you should do: Build an app for OLLOBOT * For registering teams, we lend OLLOBOT for FREE !!!! (original MSRP @ $199) Unleash your creativity and go for the grand prize !!! (Please hurry~ Space are limited !!!) * Step 1: OLLOBOT and SDK Workshop June 16 (FRI) @ UCLA * Step 2: Coding and First Round Judging July 8 (SAT) ~ 9 (SUN) @ CrossCampus Downtown LA * Step 3: Final Pitches and Winner Selected July 15 (SAT) @ Warner Bros Studio For more detailed info, please check back often to https://shape.att.com/hackathon (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fshape.att.com%2Fhackathon&h=ATNg3bMyc_lFXk12_9LPgCu7AzV4gndJenWkcFX4-fmZpFq01GuKXIu_rjoL2vHHjWwWEXIYlQTGxAmI9gmD4ngEKOzwightM6kmd_rwqTxY72pgbCb5ZrJxbXEkbPiL6THLBKuAf-OtWfWS8howmaZcb2O-&enc=AZPcA8r3gzJUkgLzJ7vZ5fyT2LjnODcGpctBkczrsmrVVf3hdZXs-NrGA6pGEHJeMFvlDtJxshUqd1scCxw8pv-jSTV3huJNBwdw72ne4jOMeg84l06wHmnimmdjDdwgOavLe8cvS7PYwpgNu6VGT1vsXdL9EPECR10zwVLBJEL-GIVdlQDFfBwvp3xu83I1zAPpZixfA7AYDQ0klzLLJUI2&s=1) http://www.robotis.us/ollobotsdk (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.robotis.us%2Follobotsdk&h=ATMbj-bCLGKXghzW1Q-oXWh03q3dGQQuIZwQiQ7JZoQtFmU3ze3L7W3ockbu_ZFG2eW2wKcgvKGL9k68BGF62NYSXuQ6bwVAZTN3mIrkygWhuoJkHiidq9sMOewfh_E0sKjWmBjYilECtjKJSaPR3u-seJL8&enc=AZMA4UbbWiewUeKF9JPo-C6A6BfKbsPfjTdOK0BbE2SlhnLWEWlpmQdfl6ONN9wKF2B5a90uO_9jG2DxQzJKNDPORvImnLbf1FQCh2pRTUyvH_3IHYFzYyo07d6lFjxvNPWBMrkERIJm7NA58KGm1nZlN7xZ5UkB9YVLhk_F5ehz-aN3GNGuThvXzW1XPz3_42n3P5zub5BjSJzy61nWxyY9&s=1)

  • Accelerator Panel: How to Get Into Top Accelerators

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    About Representatives from top accelerator programs come together at PeopleSpace to discuss what it takes to get into a best-in-class program and accelerate your startup. EVENTBRITE RSVP FOR NON MEETUP MEMBERS (AKA, your non meetup friends): https://acceleratorpanel.eventbrite.com (https://acceleratorpanel.eventbrite.com/) These accelerators include the infamous 500 Startups, Ycombinator and Techstars. Representatives speaking: 500 Startups (https://500.co/) - Matt Ang and Crystal Huang | Ycombinator (http://www.ycombinator.com/) - Khalil Zahar | Techstars (http://www.techstars.com/programs/los-angeles-program/) - Ethan Austin ACCELERATOR PANEL (ask anything!): HOW TO GET INTO TOP ACCELERATORS ETHAN AUSTIN - DIRECTOR OF TECHSTARS LA MATT ANG - BATCH[masked] STARTUPS, CO-FOUNDER PROSKY.CO CRYSTAL HUANG - BATCH[masked] STARTUPS, CO-FOUNDER PROSKY.CO KAHLIL ZAHAR - YCOMB W16, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO OF HYKSO About PeopleSpace Pre-Accelerator: PeopleSpace Pre-Accelerator only has mentor from 500 startups, Ycombinator and Techstars. For more information, go here: http://peoplespace.us/peoplespace-pre-accelerator/

  • Southern California Linux Expo

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    SCALE DETAILS Southern California Linux Expo, the largest open source conference in North America, is returning to Pasadena this March! This annual 4-day conference includes talks covering a wide range of open-source topics, a full exhibit floor and evening events after sessions end for the day. There will also be a keysigning party on Saturday evening, another live recording of the Bad Voltage podcast, and the first SCALE CTF (Capture the Flag) Information Security competition. Exhibit Halls are open Friday - Sunday. For the full schedule of events and other information, visit us on the web at http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/15x Dates: Thursday March 2nd - Sunday March 5th Location: Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green St Pasadena, CA 91101 Registration: https://register.socallinuxexpo.org/reg6/ Promo Code: HFSC SCALE is a volunteer-run conference that depends on the support and participation of the community! To volunteer and get involved, send an email to [masked] We appreciate your support!

  • Startup Weekend Orange County

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    Hey guys! Last chance to get a discount to Startup Weekend OC (SWOC) Feb 2017! Come and get support from our coaches our rockstar judges. Judges include Isaac Saldana (Sendgrid), Crystal Huang (Prosky.co), Mario Leone (Ingram Micro), Anderee Beregian (Rezven Partners). See full line up and register here with 20% off code "lastchance" (Code Expires next Wed. Feb. 8th). RSVP or learn more here: https://nvite.com/SWOC/b630 (http://peoplespace.us3.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=804bdbab524915e069bf8d117&id=5b102a0ed5&e=c445067f56) Hope to see you all, Melinda

  • Out-of-towners Christmas Eve party

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    When I was an international student out-of-towner, the holidays were brutal; everyone who can go home has gone home... so the rest of us were feeling stranded... Well, feel stranded no more!!! On the 24th of December, PeopleSpace is organizing a Christmas "Shin-Bowl" dinner for all international students and their friends. We are arranging a modest ramen party for all of the international students who are stuck in the Orange County area. The "Shin-Bowl" dinner is free of charge! And you are welcome to bring potluck food and dessert to share. We are looking forward to celebrate this evening with you. The event is free with RSVP, but small gift for gift exchange or $10 donation at the door is welcome. PS: Volunteers wanted. Setup, DJ, Serving, Clean-up... plz hit me up with msg, and come by 5pm. The volunteers are privately invited to an after-party event (aka clean up) between 8pm-9pm.