Peet's Coffee Weekly Tuesday Night Run + Whole Foods for Dinner/Drinks

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Every week on Tuesday

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***Arrive at 6:00, pack off at 6:10***

Here's a great workout for legs and glutes with really great people as well! We run to the beach, do a steep ramp 1-?x, run back to the China Cove stairs and do those 1-?x (112 stairs), and then back up Goldenrod to the start. It takes about an hour, and you can go at any pace that you're comfortable going. The views are so wonderful, you may forget you're exercising!

We have all speeds from 15 min/mile walkers to 5 min/mile super humans! We don't leave anyone behind. This is a great run if you're just starting and want a group to keep you motivated.

We usually go to Whole Foods at Fashion Island afterwards for dinner and drinks. There's an outdoor fire-pit and heaters.

CROSS-POSTED ON 5 meetups. We usually have 30-70 people each week.


Peet's coffee to top of the ramp: 1.6 miles.

Each ramp round trip: 0.25 miles.

Top of ramp to top of stairs: 0.75 miles.

Stairs round trip: 0.1 miles.

Top or stairs back to Peet's: 1.0 miles.

So: If you do 1 ramp and 1 stair set, that's 3.7 miles. Do 5 and 5, and that's 5.1 miles. Do 8 and 8, and that's a 10K (6.2 miles.)