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OUR BIG MOMENT - YOU SHOULD BE THERE City Council Study Session on Dog Parks

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The City Council has put Off Leash Areas on the agenda for their Study Session prior to the City Council meeting on this day - April 6. The study session takes place before the regular session.

A STUDY SESSION IS A PUBLC MEETING - YOU MUST ATTEND IF YOU WANT A DOG PARK They may want to rehash the sorry history since 2003 (an embarassment to Kirkland that we still dont' have a dog park) and we need to keep them focussed on OUR NEED NOW. Some of you (like me) didn't even live here then! SO GET GOING NOW! I will send out the meeting details prior to the event. THIS IS PROBABLY OUR LAST CHANCE TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THERE IS THE SUPPORT THEY WANT TO SEE. If we can't do it now, we need to consider moving to KENT!
You will not be able to give public comment at the study session but may speak for us as usual at the regular session that follows at 7"30. CONSIDER THIS A CHANCE TO GIVE THEM A WAKE UP CALL. YOU ARE WATCHING WHAT THEY DO AND YOU CARE - YOU CARE A LOT - ABOUT WHAT THE OUTCOME OF THIS MEETING IS. The outcome should be to move forward

Hope you can make it - this will be make or break for us. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you, Jean (