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Women's Business & Self-Improvement Meetup

Photo of Ying" Margarita" Jiang
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Ying" Margarita" J.
Women's Business & Self-Improvement Meetup


OKC Entrepreneur Group Presents

Woman’s Business & Self-Improvement Meetup

A monthly meeting with a guest speaker with a story & business to share!

  • We are relaunching this meetup after a much-needed retreat from COVID
  • Temporary location until we secure a permanent place to meet.

This is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve entrepreneurs by developing life-changing skills and conversing with like-minded women. We want to create a peer group environment to connect with fellow women to improve and cultivate entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, self-development, and work-life balance.

FREE to attend. Bring a like-minded guest!

Have great conversations about entrepreneurialism, success, building a successful business, and chasing the American dream. We have from newbies to multimillionaire attendees. Sit around with like-minded individuals & network, you never know who you will meet!

You become like those you hang out with & associate with on a consistent basis. You never know what you may learn, from one simple idea to a groundbreaking epiphany that could change your life! The power of like-minded conversations should never be underestimated!

This time our speaker is Thao Ngoc Nguyen-Pham with impact OKC & Spearhead Realty!

Join us for an inspiring and informative session with our special guest speaker, Thao Ngoc Nguyen-Pham, as she shares her remarkable journey from being a pharmacist to transitioning into a full-time real estate investor, achieving incredible success in her investments.

The mission statement of her company is to impact people's lives through real estate investing.

Come with an open-minded mindset and learn from our speaker about how she successfully executes significant professional transactions. Discover takeaways that you can implement into your business and life!

Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or more adjustments or If you can't find place of the meeting please look at our website

Here's our short interview with our speakers

Our Sponsor is Elizabeth Dunham Hansen with Eliora Media

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We are delighted to present our esteemed sponsor, Elizabeth Dunham Hansen, a seasoned expert in real estate and business photography. From captivating real estate imagery to striking business and headshots, Elizabeth Dunham Hansen has the art of visual storytelling mastered.

She is going to do headshot at our meeting for only $20 per person! Definitely don't want to miss this opportunity!!!

If you need to help with you photo needs, definitely reach out to her

FREE to attend. Bring a like-minded guest!

It's all about the conversation!

Free to Attend!

Every Second Thursday

Time : 6:30 pm -8:30 pm

  • Net working + food 6:30pm - 7pm
  • Sponsors at 7pm -7:15pm
  • Speaker: 7:15pm

Place: Bethany Library

6700 NW 35th St, Bethany, OK 73008

Margarita Jiang

Woman Extraordinaire Entrepreneur!

Sponsor: OKC Entrepreneur Group, Spearhead Realty, MaM Massage & Spa

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