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3 seasoned gamers seek DM and two more to fill out party.
We are a trio of gamers cast adrift. Our last regular campaign was shut down when our DM moved to Texas. We are experienced with 2nd Edition AD&D, 3rd/3.5 D&D, Pathfinder, D20 Modern, Starwars D6, Game Of Thrones D6, All Flesh Must Be Eaten. We would love to try a superhero game. We are.... Chris: Deliberate and solid. Chris often plays either a rouge type or paladin type character. He seems innocent.... but we are sure he is our dark horse. Andy: Eccentric and goofy. Andy is the most likely of the group to pick a character concept and role play it till the wheels fall off. He will play anything. Ryan: Flexible and fun. Ryan will play any class but typically gets stuck playing a fighter. He role plays a few archtypes well. We seek 1-2 more players and a GM who can be reliable. Our other gaming friends are flakes. Weekend nights would work best. If you can host, that would be awesome!

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