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OCC Event: The Infinite Circle of Giving - Sharing Our Talents for Boundless Joy

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The Infinite Circle of Giving - Sharing Our Time and Talents with Others for Mutual Joy and Boundless Possibility

Recently I have had the privilege of meeting and working with Cheryl Obal. I was extremely impressed not only with the professionalism and dedication she has demonstrated in her job as a corporate trainer, but also with the ways she has been able to utilize her free time to involve herself in opportunities to serve others as a means of creating greater joy in her own life as helping others.

If you're like me, you sometimes might want to help out in some way, but worry you do not have enough time - or perhaps worry about language difficulties and feel there is nothing you can do while living in Korea. In this special lecture and discussion Cheryl will share her experience in volunteering and creating greater joy and opportunity for those in need. She will also specifically focus of the situation facing North Korean refugees, and how we can get involved.

No matter what our limitations may be - whether financial, time-related, or even if we feel lacking in talent or knowledge - we all have something to offer to the world. Cheryl will help us find how to use our unique talents, gifts, and knowledge, to create an “infinite circle” of joy and greater possibility in others - as well as ourselves - which can ultimately spread from one person to another to create greater harmony and happiness in our interconnected world.

Topics will include:

-Volunteering as a way to become one with the community.
-Living abroad and becoming shocked, called to serve.
-Current volunteer projects
-Justice for North Korea" NGO, for the rescue of North Korean refugees.
-A brief history on the 2 Koreas
-The human rights crisis facing North Korean refugees.
-What you can do to help
-Personal stories of how giving has led to receiving in her personal life.
-Starting your own volunteer project.

Please join us in this special opportunity to learn, share, and and discuss the many possibilities we have to use our gifts and privileges, as a means for growth, development, and shared happiness to benefit our own heart and mind, as well as a greater world for others.

Chris Adams

Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Co-organizer OCC

Cheryl Lynn Obal is a corporate trainer and lecturer who has been running charity-fundraiser dance classes and charity-fundraiser birthday parties since 2005 in 4 different countries: Korea, Italy, India, and the US. She was recently recognized by the Seoul Government for her fund-raising efforts using dance: She has been running a 'charity-benefit dance class' in Gangnam, in which she teaches Jazz dance and donates 100% of the money that she earns through it, to help refugees from North Korea.