What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in growing more fully into their own leadership in work and in life. If you are interested in deepening your own personal and professional development, have realized the limits of self-help and desire the authentic connection that comes from getting real about what it takes to be human then you might be interested in joining us!

What's it about?

Ever heard the proverb "Many Paths, One Mountain"?. It's a nod to acknowledge that though we all are on our own individual journey, that we simultaneously are connected by the shared purpose of that journey up the same mountain. While most generally the 'mountain' is a metaphor for the journey of personal development or spiritual growth, I choose to call it 'Leadership'.

For the purpose of this group, a 'Leader' is anyone willing to do the courageous work of personal transformation required to become a real human being. The world is in desperate need of people to wake into their personal leadership, no matter their status in life, their position in a company, or their role in a group. The word 'leader' implies that our personal journey - while it is our own, is not just about us. It is a word that connects us to our impact on others and in the world.

Self help is obsolete. Help is where it's at.

In my experience, there is only so far that one can go on their own. We need to help each other along the way - because we were never meant to do it alone! The purpose of this group is to break free of the loneliness and limitations of self-help and to promote meaningful connection and relationships about what matters most, as we wake up to realize (and benefit from) the truth - that we are all in this together.

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