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We are a community of people assisting the personal and spiritual growth of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world. We are part of a global oneness community whose passionate vision is to raise humanity's consciousness and awareness for personal and collective growth. The Oneness Blessing is a transference of conscious energy which helps bring our attention and awareness to not only the things in our lives that bring us joy and gratitude, but to the parts of us that resist accepting whatever is happening based on our conditioning. It is through awareness of experiencing ourselves that we truly heal. It is through awareness of our experience that we move to higher levels of consciousness. Join us at our next event and experience it for yourself!

Upcoming events (5+)

Miracle Healing with Dr. Ging: Practical Advice for Bringing Back Vitality

Dr. Ging has solutions for the “incurable.” He has a unique ability to get to the root of the problem. Join us for useful health tips. He can do a quick diagnosis to see what you might need. It’s very informative and entertaining. Donations requested. Private sessions available with Dr. Ging from March 20th- 23rd in the morning, afternoon or evening. Contact Kristin at (847)[masked] if interested.

Oneness Blessing at Moving Life Studio, Chicago

Moving Life Studio

The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha Blessing) is a phenomenon sweeping the globe, awakening thousands. It is a transfer of Divine Energy that has proven to be the fastest growing spiritual phenomenon in living history. This non-denominational blessing aligns awareness with the true nature of Being, ultimately resulting in conscious union with the Divine. The Oneness Blessing: * Quiets the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and spontaneous awareness in Peace, Love & Joy. * Dissolves negative life scripts, patterns, conditionings and repressed emotions. * Releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels of the mind and body, facilitating healing, harmony and unconditional love in relationships. * De-clutches the mind’s stronghold on egoic states of belief. This event is FREE and Love donations are welcomed at the end. More info: Check out the official website at: http://www.onenessuniversity.org/

Kirtan and Kitchery (1st & 3rd Wednesdays) Sound Medicine (2nd & 4th Wed)

Join Harmony and let’s celebrate this moment together as we sing, pray, chant, laugh and elevate our energies together at the Flowering Heart Center. This will be a regular event on Wednesdays now. The 1st and 3rd Wednesday will be Kirtan and the 2nd and 4th week will be Sound Medicine. Kirtan involves chanting to bring us all into a very high state of consciousness. Harmony leads the changes and plays the harmonium. She is accompanied by Brandon on the drums. Kitchery, a nourishing rice dish, will be served at the end to the session. Sound Medicine is a deeply relaxing experience where you can lay down and receive energy healing and listen to beautiful music. Hot apple cider will be served at the end of this event. Please invite your friends and family as you all help create the vibes. $20 admission, $10 for students, Children under 13 free. We are a 5019(c)3 so your contribution may be tax deductible. No RSVP required. Everyone is welcome

Oneness Blessing Giver Satsang - a chance to share where you are

Flowering Heart Center

Is that honeymoon period of bliss over for you? Perhaps you are more aware of your patterns and watch yourself do the same things over and over that cause conflict. The flashlight doesn’t turn off. What to do? Remember your oath to be spiritual Warriors? Call on your inner resolve and allow yourself to face the situation one more time with feeling. Gather with your community for support. Maybe all is well and you want to sit and remind yourself of all the ways that the Divine has supported you this week. Whatever you are sitting in, come share it with others. We are starting a weekly Satsang – a time for sharing our experiences, speaking our truth, contemplating the teachings and giving Blessings. Let’s build community, practice integrity and support each other through these turbulent times.

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