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Northwest Suburbs: Oneness Blessing Meditation

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The Oneness Blessing is a transference of Divine conscious energy. The Divine transference allows us to bring awareness to not only the things in our lives that bring us joy and gratitude, but also to the parts of us that resist acceptance in whatever is happening based on our conditioning. Our conditioning may say an experience is "good or bad". If it is "good" we try to do more of it and accept it. If it is "bad" we try to avoid it. When we don't fully accept what's happening, we push that part of ourselves away causing a snooze effect, thus creating "suffering."

It is through awareness of experiencing ourselves that we truly heal. It is through awareness of our experience that we move to higher levels of consciousness. It is through our own inner awareness that we learn how to accept ourselves by learning how to become unconditioned, unlimited, perfect, just the way we are. Be free to be you in every given moment, as opposed to a programmed response that negates you from your own happiness, freedom, inner peace, stillness, wholeness, Oneness.

This event is FREE with Love donations greatly appreciated.

The Oneness Blessing:
* Quiets the constant chatter of the mind resulting in clarity of perception and spontaneous awareness in Peace, Love & Joy.
* Dissolves negative life scripts, patterns, conditionings and repressed emotions.
* Releases traumas stored at the cellular and energetic levels of the mind and body, facilitating healing, harmony and unconditional love in relationships.
* De-clutches the mind’s stronghold on egoic states of belief.

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