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Celebrating our move into the new building. Still on Main St. go west from Appleton Ave and look for the red door (just before the jr. High parking lot ~ where you can park)

Looking forward to having everyone come by!!




Free Admission

Light Refreshments

Free Workshops Amazing Gift Bags to the first 25 people. Free Workshops running all day during this Open House.

10:00 Discover Déjà vu; Keridak Silk will share insights and help you to understand if some of your experiences are related to past lives

11:00 BRING YOUR DESIRES INTO FULL BLOOM: Have you ever wondered why some of your desires and intentions have not materialized? What are the missing ingredients? What is the vital part that you must play for your desire to be realized? Lydia Van den Broeck, Ph.D. comes from Chicago to bless us, bless our store and to guide us through the process of manifesting and materializing our Hearts Desires.

12:00 Reiki Master Sherrie Howe - Introduction to Chakras: a chance to understand what the chakra system is all about and how it relates to your health and happiness. 1:00 Please join us for a guided meditation with Anne L. Smith, channel for ascended master Hilarion and author of "The Sharing: The Owner's Manual for Being Human." The meditation will celebrate the Summer Solstice and will assist you to tap into the profound enlightenment this special day brings. Bring an open mind and be prepared to have fun lighting up your world.

2:00 Barbara Kruck - Discover Animal Totems. Barbara will explore the animals and what they mean. 3:30 OFFICIAL RIBBON CUTTING

4:00 The Importance of Intuition an introduction to the Intuitive You 101 class by Kristina Bloom - a master teacher and pure channel. 5:00 Helen De Pasquale

6:00 DRUMMING CIRCLE -- Join us for a free form drumming circle lead by Kristina Bloom - Bring percussion instruments of any sort or find one in the circle to borrow for the festivities. Outside if weather permits

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