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What we’re about

In this group we will each be given the chance to openly talk about our abandonment issues in a judgement free zone.

This group is solely meant to express ourselves and listen to others as we discuss our issues of abandonment, how it affected us, and how we will take the right steps to heal.

RULES: Confidentiality. Contact group member if going to be late or absent.  Avoid cross talking during round.  Each person’s space is sacrosanct.  Avoid getting up on someone’s turn.  No advice or commentary of any kind.  All members cooperate to ensure that everyone gets equal time to speak (divide  time by number of people)

This group will take place each Saturday evening at 7:30 PM and will go for until 9:30 PM.


  1. Opening ROUND (30 mins): We will share/ update our situation on positive changes noticed.
  2. Discussion ROUND (60 mins): Weekly topic question will be discussed
  3. Closing ROUND (30 mins): Weekly resolution: “The positive action I’m going to take this week is___”

In this week we will discuss: “Introducing our situation”

This design is based on Susan Anderson’s “Healing and Abandonment” support group worksheet:

Topic questions:

Extensive Guidelines:

Books to help you on your healing journey:

Other tools:
The Personal Development School by Thais Gibson.

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