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Anyone who wants to learn to meditate, deepen your practice, work through stuck energy or issues, heal from the past, or find inner peace.

Anchored Soul H2o presents <br>Breathwork Group Tuesday nights From 7-8pm Floating Yogis Studio (indoor) <br>Truly Connect to your Heart and Breathe Healing in to your Soul! <br> <br>Wear comfortable clothes and use your bed or a yoga mat, blanket, a pillow or bolster for under your knees, and an eye pillow if you have one. <br> <br>$20.00 Cash or card at event or you can use Venmo to reserve your spot! (To Kristin Colton) <br> <br> <br>Breathwork is an Ancient Active Breathing Practice used for healing blocks or stuck energy by moving the breath through physical, emotional or spiritual challenges. The breath bypasses the intellect and takes you on a journey where you are able to experience deep profound transformations. <br>Some benefits that are noticed include: <br>Self Acceptance/ Self Love <br>Deep Relaxation <br>Euphoria/ Joy <br>Forgiveness of Self and Others <br>Connecting to a Life Purpose <br>Developing Intuition <br>Opening and alignment of the Chakras <br>Feeling a true connection to Spirit, Higher Power, Creator or God <br>Inner Peace and Harmony <br>Many people find the Breath Work is helpful for healing anxiety, depression, past trauma, grief and loss, shame, physical pain, and spiritual emptiness. <br> <br>Kristin is a counselor who has been working with people who struggle with addiction depression and anxiety for for over 20 years. Her love for yoga began about 15 years ago and she found it to be extremely healing as well as therapeutic when dealing with the struggles and challenges her clients face. <br>She found Stand Up Paddle boarding in 2012 after an injury prevented her from surfing. Shortly after she discovered SUP Yoga and took the first teacher training with floating yogis in 2014. She completed her 250 hour YTT with Evolation Yoga in 2015. <br>Kristin is now teaching Breathwork Meditation in has discovered that in the studio or on the board this is an extremely therapeutic healing practice that she is using to help others learn the art of Self Love and Healing through the Breath. <br> <br>Kristin Colton, CATC II 949-436-0003 <br>Addiction Counselor/Breathwork Meditation/Yoga Teacher <br> <br> <br> Also meeting for Drum Circle at the beach in Carlsbad, see events to find out more!
Text or call for information 949-436-0003

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