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Are You Ready To Sit In the HOT SEAT? - The Hot Seat Sessions Are Here!

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Are you Ready To Jump In The "HOT SEAT?" This is the first EVER Tampa Bay Internet Busines Mastermind Hot Seat Meet Up

What's a HOT SEAT?

David Risley and Tony Teegarden will deconstruct your business and find out what's stopping you, holding you back or standing in the way from moving into the next phase of your business.

People pay BIG BUCKS for this kind of ON HANDS Mentoring with Tony and David- However we're going to pick a few people who are willing to stand in the hot spot and reap the rewards!

There are also HUGE benefits from watching others experience the hot seat so be sure to take notes because you'll be able to apply what you hear and see to your business as well.

Do you have burning questions around your business and your brand?

Then BE at this event!

Do you want to see someones business transform right before your eyes so you can apply the lessons to your business?

Then BE at this event!


Be sure to come hungry! The Bunker Has Amazing Food and drink!