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What we’re about

Do you feel like your thought is directed and motivated by some irrational source? Do you find that your actual ability to think is reduced by unresolved problems of the past? What really is the basis of illogical human reaction and emotions that seem to run your life? Hidden pain of the past is always a liability to the skill, happiness and survival potential of the individual.

Do you know that few people possess more than 10% of their potential awareness? The removal of your mental blocks permits the free flow of the various forces of yourself and, of course, results in a heightened persistency in life and a much higher intelligence. How can you discover what makes you tick? The basic nature of man has been found to be good.

This free, online meetup will cover such things as:

Finding the true basic nature and functional background of the human mind.

Do you wonder what makes you do strange and peculiar things?

Can mental derangement be prevented?

Why 70% of man’s listed ailments are actually psychosomatic ills.

Is it possible to be happy? You can be happy again.

What can you do to have a better life with fewer problems?

Do you have tremendous, unresolved problems which endlessly confuse your days?

Has life become a chaos? Are you tired of anguish, mental suffering, grief and distress? Learn how physical pain and painful emotion, no matter how the individual may think he has handled it, is capable of re-inflicting itself upon him from this hidden level unless that pain is removed. Learn about a technique which deletes your mental blocks – without drugs, hypnotism, surgery, shock or other artificial means.

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This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.