A Chit Chat on Ontological Coaching - (With a Free Trial)

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(Have a chat with me on this first meetup to learn more.
This is not a weekly event.
If you schedule does not allow, we can chat at a separate time. PM me to arrange.)

Desire an Ontological Shift?

What's that anyway?

Think about these:
Is there a difficulty you are going through today?
What do you want different?
What are you frustrated by?
What is missing in your life?
What do you want more of?
Why are these important to you?

Want an aspect of your life improved/different but don't know how? You are experiencing the effects of a blind spot or a block.

The results you get are the products of your actions. But the things that we can/will/want to do is limited by what and how we see things. "The observer" in you, makes those decisions, FOR YOU. It might work for some, it might not. If its not working out for you, it will be good to check-in on your "observer".

The Ontological coach partners you to help you learn to observe your observer and you may then identify your blindspot(s).

"Ok. I can see my blindspot, so what?"

Now, you can choose to do some things different.

Get that happiness back.
Get that satisfaction back.
Experience the love.
Enjoy the peace.

(This is not yet a coaching session. Only the initial discussion. If coaching is mutually agreed upon, a separate schedule/agreement will be discussed.)

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