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This is a new group to make an amazing fun inspiring group of friends to adventure in California. We go on new hikes, camping, road trips, do water and snow sports, have beach days and more! During the spring and summer we will have one camping trip each month. We‘ll have other social and fun events as well.

We’ll do the one thing we’ve always wanted to do together!

**Disclaimer** Outdoor Adventurers 20s and 30s and it's organizers do not assume responsibility for any accident or injury that may occur during or resulting from our meet-up events. The organizers and hosts are volunteers and not professionals. By joining the group you agree you assume all risks and liability that are involved in our activities. Please always come prepared and know your personal limits.


Upcoming events (4+)

Future Camping Trips planning 🏕✨

Needs a location

This page are for PLANNING of Camping Trips. Click RSVP if you are interested in any of these events, follow this page for updates and discussions.

Comment below and put the weekend that you are able to go, as we get more than two people interested. I'll create an official event.

Here are our choices:

Arch canyon national park UT

Canyonland national park UT

Canyon de chelly national monument AZ


Prismo beach, ATV riding/camping CA

Humboldt Redwoods State Park CA

Secret Beach & Natural Bridges (that's the actual name of it) OR

the Fairyland >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POSTED
Yellowstone (7-10 days trip) MO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POSTED

Event location and date is only for notice purposes, it does not indicate where or when we are camping

Bridge to Nowhere Hike

Needs a location

The super popular trail that everyone wants to do. At the end we’ll have a picnic by the river and watch the bungee jumpers (will you jump?)

You know you're going the right way when you pass a big dam, go over a bridge, drive and then take the East Fork Rd all the way down to the parking lot.

This is a moderate hike, that will cross a river so it might be a good idea to bring sandals in your backpack. Remember to have good hiking shoes, and bring a hat as it is mostly sunny. Bring lunch and plenty of water. It's long (9.5 round trip, about 5 hours round trip), so I recommend to buy toe sock and wear regular sock over the toe sock. This will prevent blisters on longer hikes.

PLEASE NOTE AIM TO BE THERE BY 10:20 am, bc parking are not easy to come by. Meet at the restroom by the trailhead (see pic)

Adventure to the Fairy Land

Needs a location

For those with an adventurous soul.

This is actually a dinosaur fossil site of which no one really knows about. It is one of the best kept secret.

Depending on the exact hikes, during sunrise/sunset you might feel like you're on Jupiter, Mars or Saturn. This place is packed with incredible rocks formation, petrified woods worthy of any natural wonder of the world. On top of that we get to explore several ancient Native American cities near by. The best thing about this place is that it's not crowded bc it's "yet to be known".

Back a few decades ago Antelope Canyon AZ was "yet to be known", no body cares or knows about it. There wasn't a need for an expensive Tour Guide or Permit to go see it.. Until it appears on the National Geographic, then shortly after, it appears on Microsoft Window as a wall screen on PC all over the world. Then came the Tourists, then Permits & Tour Guide made it expensive now. The Tour Guide just shuttle you in for pics for an hour then hush you out as fast as possible, so they can get the next shuttle in. You can't go on your own, to explore, & there are numerous restrictions. It is definitely a Commercialized Tourist Spot now.

Well this "Fairy Land" site is "yet to be known", & haven't gotten exploited according to the lady at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that I spoke to. The BLM are talking about requiring a permit in the near future (like the lottery system to see "The Wave" in AZ), among other regulations that might be implemented since this place is becoming more popular. Now is our only opportunity to go see it without having to get a permit. She said "you can just talk right onto it for now". I had confirm with the 2 different agents at the BLM that we DO NOT need any special permit to go and explore here. Since Summer is too hot, Winter is too cold, & Spring is too windy here. The best time to explore this place is in OCT-NOV because the temperature is just perfect (like 72 degree high & 42 degree low) with no wind or rain.

So the flood gate just opened, National Geographic recently name this "Fairy Land" as their "must-visit adventure destinations". Get ready bc this is gona get Commercialized quick. Let's go before the regulation kicks in.

now, THE BAD NEWS: It's located about 10 hrs away from Los Angeles.

We are carpooling up there.
Me & another member are planning to go on Thursday. If you want to go on Fri or Sat I will coordinate you with others to carpool. Split the gas cost with everyone in the car. We will meet up there & rent the RV near by. Logistical info will be send via private messages.

We will use the RV as our base camp. The RV can sleep up 6 peoples, so some of us will have to set up tent outside. Yes I spoke with BLM and they told me this is 100% legal. There's no cost to camp there. According to BLM it's "primitive camping", meaning, no running water/shower. Thus we rent the RV because it has a Bathroom (Toilet & Shower)/Kitchen/Microwave/Oven/Fridge/AC, Generator.

The cost of the RV is about $215/day x 2 days = $430. The RV, averages around 6 - 10 MPG.

Based on 10 peoples going, here are the cost:
RV rental should be around $43 per person.
Gas & pump out cost, for the RV should be around $15 per person.

Thursday: Sunset hike, Night hiking under the almost full moon.
Friday: Morning hike, Exploration of Alien Eggs. Rent the RV, Sunset hike. Night hiking under the almost Full Moon & Star Gazing.
Saturday: Early Morning hike, Exploration of Petrified Forrest, along with 2-3 other sites, Sunset hike. Star Gazing.
Sunday: Early Morning hike. Ancient Native American site exploration (there is an entrance fee per vehicle here, it's like $25 per vehicle, the price may fluctuate)

The basics for camping. Bring foods & drinks for yourself. Recommend to bring pre-made or easy made food. Please don't bring stuff that will involve heavy cooking. We wont be grilling outside like a regular camp, since there's a Kitchen in the RV.

Here are the NON-OBVIOUS:
Gardening Gloves (not necessary but will help you explore better)
Toe Sock (to prevent blister on longer hikes)
Explorer Hat (you will be hiking in the sun all day, high temp in the fall are 72 degree here, but there's zero shade)
It's going to be cold at night so bring some proper clothings.
Temp are around 72 degree high, & 42 degree low in November.

Death Valley Camping - Furnace Creek

Needs a location


DEATH VALLEY: One of the most underrated National Park but there are plenty to explore!

At this time of the year when the weather is not hot yet, you can enjoy various activities like hiking, photographing the sand dune, observing the Milky Way at night, etc.


  1. Meet at the campground (Furnace Creek Campground).
  2. Campsite number will only be given to those who is going.

Please connect with one another for carpooling as the campsite only allows for 3-4 vehicles max. Also, entrance fee is $30/vehicle. Please work with your driver on sharing the cost for gas and entrance fee.


  • Picnic tables
  • Fire ring
  • Showers
  • Fresh water
  • Toilets

Lunch will be provided: Hot dogs Friday and hamburgers Saturday. I will also be bringing some snacks to share.

ACTIVITIES (optional)
Friday - Check out the Sand Dune
Saturday - Go for a short hike in a nearby canyon (TBD)

For RSVP instructions, please read further:

  1. Space will be limited (15 spots) so reserving on the Meetup event page does NOT guarantee you a spot.
  2. The cost will be $35/person.
  3. Payment in advance is needed to secure your spot (first come first served).
  4. If the trip is full, there will be a 3-spot-waitlist (whoever the next 3 will be).
  5. Refund will only be issued if we can find a replacement to pay for your spot.
  6. Waitlisters who won’t be able to get on the “going” list will receive their full refund day before the trip.

Payment Instructions:

  • Payment will be accepted via Venmo but please reach out to me first to confirm if there are spots before you pay.

What to Bring:

  • Clothes for the 4-day trip
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Toiletries
  • Anything else you think you may need

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I’ve missed anything.

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Fresno Canyon Trail

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