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We will be discussing how the SOCIALMARKET℠ works and how to make it more inclusive through open cooperation.

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UPDATE: We are methodically building http://SOCIALMARKET.com and you will be able to pick which Social Enterprise receives your GIFT Currency grant money.

We have our own Crypto Currency on the http://openledgerdex.com with the ticker symbol: GIFT This will backup your GIFT Currency on SOCIALMARKET.com

GIFT Currency℠ is our SOCIALMARKET℠ answer to LIFE, LIBERTY & PROPERTY. Until a better solution presents itself we believe GIFT℠ is the answer to making our economy work for us.

No plan is complete if it dose not give 100% Fruit of Labor to those that have earned it. We are using the latest technology and human sociality to build a Social Altruism Economy. We like to call it Capitalism Evolved or "Capital Gainism" since capital gains tax is the only tax that is generated.

We are an open cooperative that believes in Life, Liberty, and the Fruit of Labor (Property). Our goal is to build a Social Market that supports and protects our Property that we labor for. We believe that you should keep 100% of your earnings from all your hard work and no one including an employer or a government should take that away from you.

Fruit of Labor is a Natural Right protected by our government. We will show you why it just doesn't pay to be an employer or an employee and why our forefathers protected our right to Property.

There are many great aspects to SOCIALMARKET though one really important one is this in not a zero sum game. Employers, entrepreneurs, and investors can use the capital gain mechanism inside SOCIALMARKET to earn more over time. This isn't some giveaway to lazy people at the cost of business or investors. This is a total evolution in Capitalistic economics. This is not collectivism or direct socialism. This is engineered to defend Individuality through a GIFT Currency exchange. So yes this is even for people that believe in Individualism, or objectivism.

GIFT Currency is an impenetrable firewall that protects all that participate with an ever increasing value. GIFT truly keeps on giving.

Utilizing Gift and Capital gains tax laws and joining Open Cooperative Enterprises that support the SOCIALMARKET℠ is how we intend to fulfill our natural given rights.

We are building a Decentralized Autonomous Open Cooperative (DAOC) called SOCIALMARKET and we want to teach you how to live the American Dream. As Americans we should only be taxed on capital gains and not what we worked for (fruit of labor-property).

We can show you how to accomplish this now through our network of websites while we build the SOCIALMARKET D.A.O.C App. We will teach you how to live off of the increasing value of GIFT Currency so you can earn back your right to property and the pursuit of happiness that your employer and government are taking away from you.

Know your natural rights that are protected by the Constitution.

Let's live the American Dream! Join SOCIALMARKET℠ at http://socialmarket.com

Buy GIFT Currency today, so we have a tomorrow.

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