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Opening the LOTUS ~ Women's Sexual Empowerment Circles are for women who want a safe, shame-free space to discuss sexuality. We share our stories, gain strength from each other, learn about our bodies, discuss orgasm, sexual preferences, sexual styles, body image, sexual shame & trauma, and heal any wounds we may have around our sexual experiences. We will gain insight from HomePlay exercises specifically designed to empower us as women on this transformational journey.

LOTUS blooms as:

Loving Ourselves Fully

Opening to Orgasm

Trusting Our Authentic Expressions

Union with Self, Beloved & Divine

Surrendering to Satisfaction

In Opening the LOTUS circles we explore each one of these themes through story telling, group activities, diad work, online instruction and sex education.

The Lotus Flower has long been used in eastern spirituality to symbolize female sexuality.

Taken from (

"In Asian mythology the lotus often symbolizes the female sexual organs, from which new life is born. Lotuses appear in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Hindus refer to the god Brahma as "lotus-born " for he is said to have emerged from a lotus that was the navel, or center, of the universe. The lotus is also the symbol of the goddess Padma, who appears on both Hindu and Buddhist monuments as a creative force.

The holiness of the flower is illustrated by the legend that when the Buddha walked on the earth he left lotuses in his trail instead of footprints. One myth about the origin of Buddha relates that he first appeared floating on a lotus. According to a Japanese legend, the mother of Nichiren ( (Lotus of the Sun) became pregnant by dreaming of sunshine on a lotus. Nichirin founded a branch of Buddhism in the 1200s. The phrase "Om mani padme hum," which both Hindus and Buddhists ( use in meditation, means "the jewel in the lotus" and can refer to the Buddha or to the mystical union of male and female energies".

Opening the LOTUS as Love, Orgasm, Trust, Union & Surrender encourages us as women to step into our full, authentic, freely expressed sexual selves.

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