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This group has expanded to challenge all our beliefs, paradigms, and biases, and to make us stronger, by having meaningful discussions and learning new things, supported by substantive evidence and logical arguments, respectfully made, heard, and critiqued. Sometimes we will change minds, sometimes our minds will be changed by others. We will celebrate all breakthroughs of awareness and growth.

People in our society are rapidly losing their ability to think independently and critically. This decline in our willingness, ability, and courage to conduct real research and challenge our own beliefs (or those of our "tribes") is leading us into mini-wars with each other, firing someone else’s soundbites and talking points, like bullets, at our friends, families and neighbors.

This Meetup was originally created to open minds to the lack of real evidence upon which our country launched multiple wars around the world, and to gather support for the most meaningful efforts to obtain the truth. We continue to invest time and effort in this mission. And we are happy to direct you to specific groups who are making great progress in that area, should you prefer to remain on that specific path. Contact us at tx911truth (at) gmail.com for more info.

This newly reconfigured group will consistently promote open-minded critical thinking, though the meetings themselves will evolve to meet the needs and preferences of the members.

One month, we may have a presentation on a topic of controversy, followed by rebuttals to the speaker’s position. Another month, we may host a debate between two persons taking opposing positions, followed by audience Q&A and rebuttals. We may also have workshops on critical thinking where members learn how to spot logical fallacies and are challenged to break through their own biases and blindspots to free themselves from false beliefs and fear.

All open-minded folks are welcome to attend, socialize or passively observe; however, be aware that full participation may require courage. “Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

NOTE: This is not a political/partisan group, though we will likely host civil debate on political issues from time to time. Topics of discussion will ideally cover the full range of issues that concern the members.

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Open Minds - What bugs you?

McAlister's Deli - Waxahachie

Open Minds - What bugs you?

McAlister's Deli - Waxahachie

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