• OpenStack Operators Meetup (Berlin)

    Dernburgstraße 50

    This is a reminder for the official OpenStack Operator Meetup in Berlin. Please sign up directly through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-ops-meetup-berlin-tickets-55034908894

  • Pointer: Meet Tom Fifield in Frankfurt!

    Needs a location

    Hey German Stackers! sorry for the short notice, but next Monday Tom Fifield, Community Manager OpenStack Foundation visits Frankfurt and would like to hear from you! You can find the full announcement here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OpenStack-MeetUp-Frankfurt/events/238463540/ Please RSVP/Comment on the Frankfurt Meetup, as this is just a pointer. Hope to see you there! Cheers, Sven

  • Pointer: OpenStack UserGroup Berlin about networking

    Hallo german stackers! Zuerst: ein gesundes neues Jahr! Wer jetzt schon unter Meetup Entzug leidet, dem sei das naechste OpenStack User Group Meetup in Berlin ans Herz gelegt. Schon morgen [masked]) gehts los, ab 18:00 Uhr. Das Meetup wird zum ersten Mal von der Strato AG unterstuetzt, die Ihre Raeume und Essen/Trinken zur Verfuegung stellt. Strato arbeitet ausserdem mit unterschiedlichen Teams an OpenStack und SDN. Das Meetup hat das Thema "bring your own network", wer also mit SDN rechnet, duerfte richtig liegen :) Wer also in der Berliner Gegend ist und morgen abend einen interessanten Abend mit Stackern und nem Bier will sollte vorbei kommen. Bitte dort RVSP'en: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OpenStack-User-Group-Berlin/events/236604256/ Ich hoffe man sieht sich! :) Sven ###### english ###### Hey german stackers! First of all: Happy new year to all of you! If you already miss the awesome feeling of attending a meetup, maybe you'll have the chance to visit the first OpenStack User Group Meetup in Berlin tomorrow! It will be the first time the Meetup is hosted by Strato AG, who is currently working with different teams on OpenStack and SDN. The meetup is labeled as "bring your own network", so expect it to be around SDN and other network related stuff :) So if you're around Berlin and would like to spend a nice evening with the Berlin stackers, step by, say hello, grab a beer and have a good time! Please RVSP there: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/OpenStack-User-Group-Berlin/events/236604256/ Hope to see you there! Sven

  • OpenStack DACH Day 2016


    Auch dieses Jahr wird wieder ein Openstack DACH Day als Community-Event stattfinden. Der OpenStack DACH e.V. möchte diesen Tag auch als Treffpunkt der deutschen MeetUps und allen anderen Gruppen etablieren. Die Planung für das Programm und die einzelnen Themenbereiche läuft gerade. Über vielfältige Unterstützung seitens der Community würden wir uns sehr freuen. Mehr Informationen gibt es auf https://www.openstack-dach.org/

  • Pointer: Heise/Rackspace Get-together Barcelona Summit 2016

    Boo Restaurant - Beach Club

    Im Zuge des Herbst OpenStack Summit in Barcelona gibt es natuerlich auch wieder einige externe Events. Zum Beispiel das Get together von Heise/Rackspace am 26.10: Rackspace, und Heise laden Euch am 26.10. während des OpenStack Summit 2016 in Barcelona zu einem spannenden Abend im Boo Restaurant & Beach Club ein. Mit diesem informellen Get-together wollen wir der OpenStack-Community eine Austauschmöglichkeit in lockerer, entspannter Atmosphäre bieten. Seitens Rackspace haben wir einige unserer OpenStack-Buchautoren eingeladen, diese freuen sich die DACH Community persönlich kennenzulernen und hoffentlich mehr als ein interessantes Gespräch mit Euch zu führen. Alle weiteren Informationen und die kostenlose Anmeldung hier: http://www.heise-events.de/dachgettogether Es würde uns freuen wenn wir viele von Euch in Barcelona auf dem Strand begrüssen und kennenlernen dürfen.

  • German OpenStack Mixer

    15th Floor Terrace, Hotel SB Diagonal Zero

    ScaleUp Technologies lädt im Rahmen des OpenStack Summit in Barcelona zum zweiten "German OpenStack Mixer“ ein. Da der Mixer in Austin schon ein klasse treffen war, freuen wir uns sehr das Christoph einen 2. Mixer geplant und organisiert hat :) Lasst uns also ganz zwanglos auf der Dachterasse, im 15. Stock des Hotel SB Diagonal Barcelona, schräg gegenüber vom Summit, treffen und eine entspannte Zeit haben. Die Plaetze sind limitiert, also am besten schnell hier anmelden: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/german-openstack-mixer-in-barcelona-tickets-27806601293 Wir freuen uns auf euch! :)

  • OpenStack Munich - User stories Meetup

    codecentric AG

    Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce another OpenStack Munich Meetup! We will get together in the perfect location at Codecentric AG in Munich-Laim to hear OpenStack user stories. Andreas Pöschl from BMW and Roberto Jung-Drebes from Amadeus will tell us about their experiences running OpenStack. Of course we will also have enough time for 'networking' before and after their talks, and enjoy pizza and beverages Here's the tentative Agenda: 18:30 - Welcome and get together 19:30 - Andreas Pöschl - BMW's experiences in setting up and running OpenStack 20:15 - Short break 20:30 - Roberto Jung-Drebes - Amadeus's experiences in setting up and running OpenStack 21:15 – Bernd Müller – B1 Systems 'real life‘ customer experience in deploying a multi-hypervisor OpenStack cloud ~22:00 - Wrap-Up I'm looking forward to meet a lot of you on December 2cd, looking forward to it!

  • OpenStack DACH Day 2015 - Don't miss out

    Urania Berlin e. V.

    Hi Everyone, don't miss out OpenStack DACH Day 2015! There is a great program with great speakers like Mark Collier from the OpenStack Foundation. Get information and register at: www.openstack-dach.org (http://www.openstack-dach.org/) This will also be a great opportunity to do networking with your peers in the OpenStack community. Hope to see you there.

  • OpenStack München Meetup – Lets talk about Storage

    Hewlett-Packard GmbH

    OpenStack München Meetup – Lets talk about Storage this time our friends at HP are inviting us to their Munich (Dornach/Ascheim) location. Please note that if you have visited HP in the past, this is a new location they moved to quite recently. We will have two storage talks, as well as a talk and discussion about the use cases of OpenStack for enterprise customers. And of course we will have food, drinks, a lot of interaction and good discussions. Here’s the planned Agenda: 18:30 – 19:00 Food, Drinks and „get together“ 19:00 – 19:45 Manila: OpenStack's Shared File Services Program Manila is the shared file system service and is an incubated OpenStack project since the Juno release. Manila allows tenants to manage shares, e.g., NFS exports, take snapshots, and adjust access rules - among other things. In this talk, we will first present an overview of Manila, discuss its architecture and highlight example use cases. Next, we will provide details on what is new with the project in the Kilo release; finally we will give an outlook on Manila's roadmap. Attendees will leave this talk with a clear understanding of Manila, a better understanding of the applicable use cases, and the future directions for the project. (Thomas Lichtenstein - Netapp) 19:45 - 20:30 Cinder Block (Volumes): Use Cases and Reference Architectures Cinder is an OpenStack project that is often overlooked but can be critical in an OpenStack deployment. In this presentation, Kenneth Hui will walk us through not merely the basics of Cinder, but show how Cinder is being deployed today and review what are the recommended practices and relevant design considerations. This talk will cover both commodity hardware and third-party enterprise storage solutions that integrate with Cinder. (Kenneth Hui – EMC) 20:30 – 21:15 CEPH: The Logical Choice for OpenStack In this talk we are going to see why the CEPH distributed file system is the logical choice for OpenStack storage. We are going to start off the ground by getting an overview of what CEPH does and how it does it and then see how it integrates in the the OpenStack ecosystem outlining the advantages compared to traditional storage approaches. (Mathias Ewald - vXpertise) 21:15 – 22:00 OpenStack & customers: What are enterprises looking to use OpenStack for? Which Use Cases best fit and what are the benefits that customers expect, and what are the risks and obstacles to overcome. (Paul Dawson, Christian Frank – HP) 22:00 Wrap-up of the Meetup I hope to see you all soon in Dornach/Ascheim!

  • OpenStack Meetup Nürnberg

    SUSE LINUX Products GmbH

    Our friends from SUSE invite us to a Meetup at their headquarter in Nürnberg. We will split the Meetup in two parts, an afternoon 'Bootcamp' part starting at 14:30 targeted for folks that want to get familiar with OpenStack in general, and an evening community Meetup part starting at 19:00. Here's the community Meetup Agenda: - Evening Sessions - OpenStack Community Meetup - 19:00 Start of the OpenStack Community Meetup 19:15 - OpenStack Training Guides - overview of resources available to the community (Pranav Salunke - SUSE) 19:45 - Vagrant and OpenStack - A winning combination + Discussion on Dev-Test Tooling with OpenStack (Yves Fauser - VMware) 20:15 - OpenStack Networking / Neutron - Update 2014 - What’s new with the Networking Service (Yves Fauser - VMware) 21:00 - Time for Open Discussion on presented Topics and feedback / wishlist for next Meetup 21:30 - End of the Meetup Please register for the Bootcamp and the Community Meetup part separately so that we know who is attending when. Hope to see you there! P.S. If you are interested to speak and fill one of the Slots please (still) let me know. Here are some proposals of what could be of interest: - OpenStack Manila - orchestration with heat: templates in detail withautoscaling,.... - keystone: using different backends for authentification - Discussion: - What is a cloud ready application .... - How to deal with Windows Instances(cloud-init, AD-integration, SystemCenter......) - How integrate a pet workload (usingcloud as a traditional virtualization environment) - any more ideas?