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The Creative Code Jam (formerly Processing Code Jam) is a monthly collaborative computational art event. It is free and open to all, regardless of age, gender, or previous experience.

Please read the following description before you join! You will enjoy it more.

What is this event?
A relaxed (but intense) prototyping day. Participants are encouraged to form teams, improvise and create something together in a limited time. Asking questions throughout the day is encouraged!

Who is this event for?
Artists (New Media or otherwise), technologists, designers, makers, and code enthusiasts of all kinds. If you are creative and like a bit of challenge, this one is for you.

What this event is not.
The Creative Code Jam is not a lesson, a contest or a conference.

What is Creative Coding?
Creative coding is the art of expressing oneself through the medium of computation.

What should I bring?
Bring your computer or other computational weapon of choice. Interesting books for inspiration, fancy hardware, quirky materials and snacks to share are also always a good idea :)

Theme suggestion
Please suggest a theme in the comments below. Themes can be random topics like "beagles", "survival of the fattest" or "killer clowns", creative constrains like "the source code should fit in a Tweet" (wink wink Abe Pazos ( or inspirational quotes. I love this one from "Famous New Media Artist" Jeremy Bailey ( "I want to make things people eventually believe were inevitable but now seem utterly ridiculous."

Where is it?
Co.up coworking is kindly providing the space. You can thank them by buying one of their 1.50€ drinks.

The place is a bit hard to find. This should help: