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Physical Computing Club — 2.0

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ATTENTION – since this meeting will be part of the "Hardware Hacking Weekend" you should sign-up following this link:

Let's just use the comment section of this page to discuss projects and ideas as usual!

Meeting 2.0
~ The theme for the second meeting will be “Visualize it! (Processing & Arduino)”: Firmata & Serial communication, How to visualize data from your sensors in real time & How to use more complex sensing technologies (eg. facial or gesture recognition)

What is it?
~ The physical computing club is a monthly gathering open to all enthusiasts to tinker, hack and collaborate on hardware projects and share our experiences.

Every meeting will have a theme and will feature a “maker in house” to inspire us with a lighting talk on the theme of the day, and help us learning new hardware and coding tricks.

Some of the themes planned for the future: surfing on sine waves (Arduino and Sound), going wireless (Wifi modules), e-textiles (Lilypad), PCB prototyping (Fritzing/Eagle), making sensors...

Note: this an advanced topic hack day, not a workshop, and as such not very suitable for beginners. (If you’re a complete beginner in physical computing don’t be scared, OTS will be giving an “Intro to Arduino Workshop” that will give you the chance to feel comfortable with the basics of electronics and creative coding! Look for a beginner workshop to take place early on in the new year!)

If you can’t find the Fablab please call: 0176 20504057

Feel free to bring snacks!