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CSS with superpowers - SASS!


"Why do I need a preprocessor?"

Preprocessors for CSS have become the industry standard and you'll be reading more and more about them all over the tech community. They're named LESS, Stylus or SASS. Preprocessors make CSS more flexible, maintainable and fill in where CSS has its limits and drawbacks. And the best thing is: you don't have to be a CSS pro to get started with SASS. If you know basic CSS then there is know reason to hold back in learning SASS.

In this speech I want to show you how to install SASS on your machine, then get into the basics and most useful features it offers, later on I will show some live coding examples and dive into understandable advanced features to point out the potential and extensibility of a preprocessor.

The goal is to motivate a ( to get going with a preprocessor to make everyones code lives easier.


The event will take place in conference room 4 & 5 and offer space for about 70-80 people. Beer, Water and Mate will be sponsored by ImmobilienScout24.

About the host

My name is Ferdinand Vogler (@ferdinandvogler ( and I'm a communication design student in fifth semester at HTW Berlin. I recently visited my first OpenTechSchool presentation and love the concept of OTS and would like to contribute to that.

Andreasstraße 10, Berlin · Berlin