Two startups: Versa Networks and Pani Networks

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Agenda - Thursday, March 10

6:00-6:45 PM: Food, drinks and networking

6:45- 7:30 PM: Pani Networks

7:30-8:15 PM: Versa Networks

Versa Networks: "Deliver Next-Generation Business WANs through SD-WAN " by Dogu Narin, Sr. Director Product Management

SD-WAN brings the promise of software-defined networking concepts and technology to building and operating business wide-area networks (WANs). Carriers and service providers delivering these next-generation WAN services to their customers will benefit from greater agility, reduced complexity, increased flexibility, lower costs and differentiated value-added services that allow for greater customer monetization and increased profits. Attend this event and learn how carrier-grade SD-WAN solutions can be added to your managed service portfolio to provide more effective and flexible options for customers' WANs. SD-WAN is the talk of the industry and your customers are looking to you for this new approach to connecting their business. Versa Networks will outline the components and capabilities of a carrier-grade SD-WAN solution, how to provide a variety of managed SD-WAN offerings based on your customer’s needs, best practices for SD-WAN deployments, interoperability with existing WAN solutions and the overall benefits of a differentiated SD-WAN service offering.

Speaker Bio: Dogu Narin is Sr. Director of Product Management at Versa Networks. Prior to Versa Networks he was Director of Product Management at Juniper Networks.

Pani Networks & Romana Project: "Cloud-Native SDN" by Chris Marino, co-founder of Pani Networks.

Building and operating scalable, high-performance, multi-tenant cloud computing networks is extremely difficult. One common approach is to deploy a virtual network using VXLAN overlays and a commercial Enterprise SDN controller. However, overlay-based virtual networking techniques were developed to address challenges of deploying virtual machines on an enterprise network and are ill-suited to the challenges of the emerging container-based and Cloud Native ( architectural style. Cloud Native applications only need discoverable service endpoints with routeable IP addresses which means that Cloud Native Networks can be built without the complexity of encapsulation and tunnel endpoints required for virtual networks. Cloud Native SDN focuses on only what is necessary for these kinds of applications and offers a new way to build secure, isolated networks. Eliminating virtual network technologies also means Cloud Native Networks will run without BGP or distributed key-value stores, further simplifying management and operations. At this Meetup we will show how Cloud Native SDN can be used to build Cloud Native Networks directly on the physical network and how they let OpenStack tenants get higher network performance and provide operators with better visibility, manageability and control.Also at this Meetup we introduce Romana, a new open source Cloud Native SDN solution that incorporates a new layer 3 based tenancy model and will demonstrate OpenStack running on a multi-tenant Cloud Native Network.

Speaker Bio: Chris Marino is a co-founder of Pani Networks, the sponsor of the Romana open source Cloud Native SDN project. Prior to Pani Networks, Chris ran OpenStack Product Management and Business Development for Cisco. Chris joined Cisco through the acquisition of vCider, a provider of overlay based virtual network solutions for the public cloud. Chris has delivered many OpenStack Network and CiscoLive presentations on OpenStack as well as physical and virtual networking techniques.