Intel & Citrix - High performance networking & Network Function Virtualization

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5:30 - 6:00 pm: Networking, Food & drinks sponsored by Hacker Tank ( & Intel

6:00 pm: Tech Talks

This event will focus on iA architecture, TLDK and how Citrix is leveraging them for building scalable ADC appliances

Intel Architecture and Network Function Virtualization - MJay, DPDK Lead Platform Application Engineer

The focus of the session is to highlight iA architecture’s strength in network applications starting with basics such as CPU pinning, NUMA, hyperthreading, lcores etc. We will do analysis of the characteristics of the iA instruction set compared to other architectures – in the light of weak ordering /strong ordering and usage of appropriate fencing. The audience will understand that iA architecture has right amount of strong/weak ordering that makes it best for network application. We will follow it up with studying the latency characteristics of instructions and how the network developer can benefit with the knowledge while developing and optimizing network applications.

TLDK high performance networking - Keith Wiles, Architect DPDK/

Transport Layer Development Kit (TLDK) is a high performance networking stack design using a non-standard stack design. TLDK is design for DPDK and VPP applications needing a purpose built network stack for high speed termination. TLDK turns the network stack upside down to achieve high network performance in today's demanding network applications.

Citrix NetScaler Leveraging IA for securing and scaling app delivery across any network - Marissa Schmidt, Director of Product Management , NetScaler

With the strong partnership with Intel, NetScaler has been able to take advantage on various Intel offerings to maximize performance, scale, and of course with security in mind. Whether you have the need for multi-tenant appliances or physical ADC appliances, come learn about how different Intel technologies such as NICs, CPUs, SR-IOV’s and many more are leveraged by Citrix NetScaler.