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What we're about

OPUS: [oh-puh s], Origin: Latin, Meaning: work, labor, a work

When we hear the word opus, we often think "large" or best of...". This group's intent is to focus more on the "best of..." interpretation. We're looking for the best people in each industry to join this network of other business owners and executives. We're looking for people who also enjoy the finer things in life, specifically good wine.

Who Should Be Interested in this Group:

Owners & C-Level Executives of Businesses that sell strictly to other businesses. Also high-level sales management and very experienced sales professional in the B2B space. At the conclusion of each event, we will have a quick briefing from a sommelier or other wine expert on a particular wine or region followed by an open mixer, so, an interest in learning more about wine among the prescribed group also works.

Why They Would Be Interested in Attending:

Chamber of Commerce and Business Associations have their place in providing meaningful connections to new business owners. But successful veteran business owners quickly outgrow such institutions and are continually looking for opportunities to swim up stream. Opus provides and empowering yet relaxed environment for business owners to join together in helping to grow each other's business with the added benefit of ongoing education about wine and craft beers.

Meeting Format:

This is a brand new group, so there are any things to finalize:

• Should we be a closed contact networking group (1 profession per seat), or just be open to whomever comes?

• Should we do elevator pitches? If so how long? Should each meeting have a theme? (e.g. superhero story of how I saved a client's bacon, my biggest differentiator, etc.)

• Should we have "keynote" speakers? Members that can present longer about their business? If yes, how long should the presentations be? How many per meeting? etc.

• How do we track referrals, revenue, ROI, etc.

• Should attendance be mandatory for members? Or keep thing more casual?

• Do we need to have a dress code? If so, what does it need to be?

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