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What we’re about

Welcome! This group is for anyone between the ages 20-39 living in Orange County, who are currently in, or entering, the prime of their lives! The period where you are enjoying your passions, establishing your career, and carving your own path! Join us and other peak performers as we discover new places, learn new skills, and make new friends! 
Here at OC Social Prime we focus on two types of events: events where you can discover new passions and develop new skills, and events where you can have fun socially and make new friends. 
These can include: fitness events, festivals, skill workshops, happy hours, hikes, coffee socials, sports, and anything else that looks like a good time! 
To join us please fill out the profile completely (including exact age), and have a clear picture of yourself (no group pics/wearing helmets/cartoons). Also, please be aware that no-showing, last-minute flaking, showing up when not on "Going", unannounced/uninvited guests makes it hard for us to make cool events. If you develop a habit of doing so you will be removed from the group. We have a 3-strike policy.
Ultimately, we made this group because we wanted to bring people together who are in similar stages in life, but most of all we want our members to have fun, gain new experiences and develop new friendships.
Hope to meet you soon!
Have any questions, concerns, or event suggestions? Feel free to contact our team of organizers.