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Customer Loyalty & Gamification Mechanics: Beyond Points, Badges & Leaderboards

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Hey Folks,

We've got an interesting event for you SEO'ers. One of the creative ways to help increase user engagement after you're able to rock out the rank and you're getting tons of traffic to your site is having a plan on getting your visitors to engage with content on your site.

Next week there is an event put on by Rockfield Labs regarding gamification and what you can do beyond points, badges and leaderboards. For those of you that see these types of reward systems only applying to mobile is also an effective way to engage with web users.

Here are 15 ways to add Gamification into your SEO strategy.

1) Award Points for Participation

2) Integrate a Leaderboard to Rank Your Heavy Users

3) Create a Virtual Currency to Apply Reward Discounts on your Retail Site

4) Allow Your Users to Earn Status

5) Create Tangible Rewards for Your Users Who Participate, like Stickers

6) Incentivize Profile Completeness

7) Reward Your Users for Creating Content or Ideas

8) Motivate Your Visitors to Register

9) Motivate Your Users to Refer a Friend by Giving Away a Little of What You Offer

10) Motivate Your Users to Link to You

11) Award Points and Badges for Comments

12) Focus Social Activity on a Shared Outcome

These are jus some examples.

What's Gamification?

Ever heard of the word "gamification"? For those that don't know, gamification is a buzz word that startups for web or mobile companies created to describe the use of game dynamics to boost customer engagement and loyalty. This is done through the use of badge, points or other types of scoring reward mechanics.

But with everyone using gamification mechanics, is there a gamification fatigue? From web properties to applications like Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp and etc; could users be numb to predictable rules and game theory. Most notably, the most popular use of gamification is through mobile games. The use of gamification is a social must-have.

In this meetup, we'll look into further examination of of how "gamification" is currently being practiced to see if there's life beyond points, badges and leaderboard. To do that, the team at Rockfield Labs has invited a pioneer of gamification, Yu-kai Chou as a speaker.

Yu-kai Chou is a Serial Entrepreneur and Regular Speaker/Lecturer at Stanford University, Google Inc, and many other Entrepreneur/Venture Capitalist Organizations. Yu-kai Chou is a pioneer in Gamification since 2003, and was rated as one of the Top 20 Gamification Gurus by Leaderboarded.

Yu-kai is also the creator of The Complete Gamification Framework: Octalysis as well as the video series The Beginner's Guide to Gamification. He is the Co-Founder and Head of Product for RewardMe, a digital loyalty platform that aims to gamify offline commerce and was rated by AlwaysOn as one of the Top 10 Private Companies to Watch.

RewardMe also won Best Commercial App at the first location-based service awards "The Locals." Yu-kai is also a Partner at the premium internet operations consulting firm Spark Solutions.

Prior to RewardMe, Yu-kai founded a variety of startups, including FDCareer (rated on Mashable as one of the Top 10 Social Networks for Gen-Ys) and Viralogy, a service that attracted hundreds of thousands of bloggers and social medians. He has consulted for a variety of companies, from seed stage startups to Fortune 200 companies. Yu-kai is a Board Director for the California Student Sustainability Coalition, and was elected a Top 50 Young Leaders of California to attend Arnold Schwarzenegger's Governor Global Climate Summit along with the leaders of each nation. He is also a Board Advisor for many organizations and companies in the US, Germany, and Israel.

Yu-kai Chou Gamification Pioneer || SpeakerCOO || Co-Founder ofRewardMe ( || Rated a Top 20 Gamification Guru and a Regular Stanford and Google Speaker/Lecturer on Gamification || Blog: ( || Twitter @Yukaichou (

*Make sure to look for the duobed sign on the building, it's hard to see the building numbers at night. There is a duocampus logo on the door.

Come with questions!

See you at the Event...

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