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Complementary class sponsored by Entrepreneurs Revolution

Class to get your website on top

This Class Is designed for ALL business owners

Know how to get on top of the search engines


Please view this youtube clip:


• Covers all the basics
• Key words
• Website Pages
• And Much more

• Cover what will get you on top
• On Top of any company, no matter how big or small
• And all the softwares I currently use to do it

Class is FREE When RSVP via this meetup

What are the major companies doing?

How to get above them and on top?

FREE Class in Huntington Beach on May 1st

This class taught by an actual business owner.

A story of how he got on top.

He reveals all the secrets he learned during the past 6 years

So you too can get on top and make the sales

BONUS: Know how to talk to any "SEO guy" that calls

Know what questions to ask them

Just RSVP above to attent

RSVP above to attent

This class is designed for the small business owners

As well as the medium and large

NO website or SEO experience necessary

ALL easy basics will be covered

As well as the mind blowing way to get you on top and #1

Please view this youtube clip:


Thank you for taking the time to view this.

If you are tired of not making enough sales. If you are tired not getting enough customers and clients. If you're tired of other people's websites being above yours, then this class is for you.

Only if you are ready to take the next step, make the sales, get the customers, earn the money, then this class is for you.

At one time, when I started my own company, I had a vision of the sales I wanted. We all have that vision of the sales we want. For the fist few years, that vision did not come true. Not to its fullest degree. After a few years of learning, that vision has come true and more.

Relieve yourself of the frustration I went through.

Give yourself the gift of knowledge and allow yourself to finally receive the sales you've earned.


This class is about how to get your website on top of the world's biggest search engines. Naturally and organically. Why is this important? Well, when people are searching to buy a product or service of yours, and your website comes up first, you are now having a potential customer viewing your website. What if its not just 1 customer viewing your site on the web. What if there are hundreds? Try thousands on for size, see how that fits. Fits nice, right. Think and imagine for a second the possibilities if a thousand people a day see your website. Out of those thousand people, how many people would buy your product or service? How much money would you generate then? How much money would come into your account everyday? Like mine does. I generate money all the time. Even while I am typing this, I am making money. Seriously. People are buying from my websites right now, while I am writing this. With me doing no work now, I've done my work already. What work have I done? I will tell you, keep reading..

What this is... is a class of telling all the tricks that I've learned during the past 6 years. Not just any 6 years. 6 years of day and night research, studying, using google. Finding out different things. Using many different techniques. Spending many, many hours. Spending many, many days on this subject. I spent a lot of time and money learning this stuff. Well, after a few years, I have it down, pat. I know what google is looking for. Google and all the other search engines. I know what google wants in your website. And you cannot even imagine the simple things that google wants. Some very simple techniques take 2 seconds to do. Yes, 2 seconds to implement. Some hidden secrets is just a matter of putting a few words is certain spots of your website. How easy is that? Really easy.

I go into incredible detail in how this is done. Even though is it simple and easy, I go into it in detail. The most common feedback I get it: "It was so simple to understand." And they also say, "The whole Internet marketing and SEO finally make sense to me now." And I could just see the sigh of relief they have after seeing and hearing what I have to say. Everyone feels great afterwards. First I go into what words google is looking for. These words are for your OWN company. Everyone has their own words. Some people call these "key words." Your own key words. Each website has your own key words. I go over how to get your own key words for your own website, no matter what website you have. Then I go into where to place these words on your website. Doing this will get your website to rank higher and be on top. These are very simple and easy to do. Then I go over all the other secrets that google is looking for. Things such as how google directly talks to your website. 99.9% of the websites out there are missing these. What would it be like if you were the .1% to have this info in your website. Would you blow the competition away on-line? I go over using other free directories and other free websites that will make your website seem like a giant company. That's the key, that's what we want. You want to be a big player now. You want to rank high. I also go over how your website should be structured, professional looking, and how to get people to stay on your website. People stay on an average website for less than 30 seconds. Then they go somewhere else. On all of my websites, it's 4 minutes. How long have you been on this one so far? Including the videos. A lot longer than 4 minutes I bet. From using these techniques. I talk about how this is done. What if you don't have a website yet? I talk about that too. How you can get a website set up fast. Believe it or not, even tonight. With NO programming. Very easy. WithOUT spending any serious money. And using NO programmer. It's easy. Its simple. It's how I did it. It's exactly how I did it. My entire class is how I went from starting a business while having a regular full time job, to where I am now. I sell to every state in the United States. Everyday. I sell to 30 countries around the world. Weather you are a local seller (sell only locally and have local clients) or want to take over the world with your product (sell around the word), I talk about what google is looking for and how you can do some very easy steps without costing you anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read this description.


When I fist started my business, I was very serious. It took me a few years to learn this information. I spent a lot of time and money to learn these valuable steps. All these tips is an accumulation of all I learned during the past 4 years. Wow, I look back and say wow. What if someone would have just told me this from the beginning. It would have saved me a lot of time. It would have saved me a lot of money. I would have grown much bigger, much faster. For this information, taking into consideration all the money I spent to find out about this, I would have easily paid someone $500.00 to tell me all this info. Even though I spent many more times that amount to find out all this information out. So that is how much this information is worth to me. I know below, you will see a price, and I am practically giving it away.

This is not how I make money. I have already built my business. I have already built my empire. I have already built my wealth. I have already made my money. This is me giving back and providing a service. This is me speaking to you, that you can do your dream too, just like I did. No matter what your idea is. No matter what your vision is, what you imagine is what you create. No matter what anybody else says. When I first started my business, I mean when it was just an idea, everyone said it will not work. Now I have more money in one of my bank accounts than what they make in 1 year. If you can find 1 to 5 people that does NOT believe in your dream, that's when you know its a good one. If more than 5 people do NOT believe in your dream, that's when you know it's really going to work.

I am not saying to go out and find people that do not believe in your dream. What I did, after a few comments that I heard, I just stopped telling people. I just did it. That was the way I handled the outside world. Then when I started selling, all of a sudden, those same people were inspired my me. They wanted to help me. They just wanted to talk to me. I sparked something in them that they had forgotten a long time ago. That what they desire and dream about really can happen.

Do your project and dream a little each day, work on it just a little each day, even if its just for a few minutes that day, and everything is accomplishable.

Talk to you soon

Your Internet and SEO friend