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Discuss the future of food governance with IFTF & Food Tank - online & Palo Alto

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The choices we make about what to eat are deeply personal, but they don't happen in a vacuum. They are caught up in norms, regulations, and policies across local, national, and global scales. Technology is creating new possibilities for food governance at all of these scales, but important questions remain:

Who makes decisions about what foods are safe, healthy, and available?
What are the promises and drawbacks of governing food at a global level in the future? Or a future of local food governance? Can we imagine futures with the best of both?

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) and Food Tank are hosting a Future of Food Governance virtual exchange to answer these questions and more. Join us online or at IFTF's office in Palo Alto, and follow #Food4Future!


Miriam Lueck Avery (@myravery), Co-Director of IFTF's Global Food Outlook and Health Horizons programs

Ellen Gustafson (@EllenGustafson), Co-Founder of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank (@Food_Tank)

Christopher Gardner, Associate Professor at Stanford School of Medicine and Founder of the Stanford Interdisciplinary Food Summit

Blake Ratner, Visiting Senior Research Fellow and Program Leader with the International Food Policy Research Institute (@ifpri) and World Fish Center (@WorldFishCenter)

John-Mark Hack (@grogoodfoodbiz), Farmer and Executive Director of the Local Food Association

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