Past Meetup

3/1 Cherry Valley Share Distr. at Highland Springs Resort/Grand Oak Steakhouse

Price: $29.00 /per person
Location image of event venue


Would you like to buy super fresh, organic produce at wholesale prices? The IEOPBC is a community of people who get together and pool our money to make group purchases of organic produce in bulk to save money. We also support local organic farms by buying as much produce as possible from our network of local organic farmers.

Each participant prepays $28.00 per share. SHARES MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE. The organizer team uses the money to buy wholesale organic produce by the case, and divides it equally amongst the participants for distribution the following Meetup. Please read our "Pages" for a description of the group and rules.

Payment deadline is Tuesday at 11:59 pm prior to following Meet-up.

Payment instructions follow these important messages:

1. When making a payment you CAN change the payment amount in the box to match the payment amount you need to make.

2. New members must pay the membership fee when paying for their first share.

Instructions for RSVPing when paying through PayPal:
Cost $29 per share (includes $1 PayPal fee)
Annual Membership fee $10.50 (includes $.50 PayPal fee) for New membership and Renewals. If you are a new member you will pay a total of $39.50, just change the default amount to $39.50 when making your payment. *Membership is required for participation.

To pay: Click the "I'm Attending" button, agree to the Organizers refund policy box then click "O.K.", you will be taken to a PayPal screen, enter the appropriate $ amount for share/shares and membership purchased. Click the Pay now button and follow instruction given by PayPal.

Instructions for RSVPing when NOT paying through PayPal:
Cost $28 per share (cash payments) made in advance at a prior Meet-up.
Annual Membership fee $10.00 (cash payments) for New membership and Renewals.
*Membership is required for participation.

To RSVP: Click the "I'm Attending" button, do not agree to the Organizers refund policy box (if you check this box you will be required to make a PayPal payment - Do Not Check this box), then click "O.K."

What to bring:
*Something to carry your produce in if you paid in advance for a share (box, canvas totes, cooler or plastic bags). We recommend bringing a cooler or insulated bag, so you can visit the local businesses after you pick up your share.

If not paying through PayPal also bring:
*$28.00 for your next share, exact change is helpful.
*$10 for your annual membership fee for new members and renewals

Highland Springs Resort/Grand Oak Steakhouse - Look for us to the right of the entrance to the steakhouse.


Below is a link to a Google map of the area, the address of the resort is 10600 Highland Springs Ave, Cherry Valley, CA 92223. However, when you type the address into Google map it will lead you past the restaurant where we meet, and take you to the center of the resort, so please use these modified directions for the final part of your journey:

Starting from N Highland Springs Ave, N Highland Springs Ave turns left and becomes Cherry Valley Blvd, turn right at Overland Trail, Turn right at the sign for Highland Springs Resort/Grand Oak Steakhouse, at the end of this road you will see the steakhouse on your right; parking will be to your left, or straight ahead.

Google Map (,-116.944457&spn=0.00961,0.013883&z=16)