• Canon's Custom Campaign Moonsea Tour - DM Canon (Tier 3)

    Campus Cards & Games 2 @ Full Sail

    This is my AL legal campaign I have stitched together out of Adventurer's League modules exploring the Moonsea region via season 1-3 modules and Convention Created Content modules as well as the new Dreams of the Red Wizards content.

  • January New Player Nights - Various DMs (Tier 1: Level 1-4)

    Campus Cards & Games 2

    Welcome to Spelljammer Academy! Promising recruits are trained here under the tutelage of experienced spelljammers, who prepare fledgling spacefarers for the perils of Wildspace and the Astral Sea. Cadets learn the finer points of ship-to-ship combat, space exploration, and (in some cases) clandestine operations. The newest batch of recruits has just arrived after a long, arduous sea voyage, but there’s still much to do! Although it’s business as usual at Spelljammer Academy, the new cadets soon learn that strange things are afoot.

    This is a new player friendly session to introduce players to 5th Edition D&D and the Adventurers League Organized Public Play Campaign. We run Tier 1 (levels 1-4) introductory games so new players get a chance to learn and play. Players new to 5th edition can check out the 5th Edition Player's Handbook, and players new to Adventurer's League can check out the Adventurer's League Player's Guide (ALPG) here: https://media.wizards.com/2022/dnd/downloads/DDAL_PlayersGuidev12_1.pdf

    All of our games last 2-4 hours depending on the module of the week. We have several tables available with 7 seats per table and all tables will run the same module for a given week with a new module each week. We give preferential seating to all new players but everyone including our veterans is welcome. We allow sign-ups with up to 1 battle buddy (friend) but cannot guarantee being seated at the same table for larger parties.

    We provide pre-generated characters and log sheets (log sheets also available here: and the simple logsheets required for keeping up with your character here: https://media.wizards.com/2020/dnd/downloads/S10_AL_Logsheet.pdf ) and can help you create a new character from scratch as well.

    We will have someone at the store early around 5 pm to help out and check in players. For this event, online signups will be used to streamline mustering. Same day signups will be available if space permits!

    If you have any questions feel free to comment here or message DM Michael on Discord (VeryGenderGaming#9688). If you are interested in DMing for this event, New Players Night is a great place to learn! Contact DM Michael for inquiries related to that as well. Please be sure to review the AL guidelines for play as well as the code of conduct for our local events.

    Special thanks to DM Andy for their work on the amazing banner art for New Player Nights Events!

  • [In-Person]: Swords Beneath the Moonsea (Tier 2, APL 5)- DM Calvin

    Campus Cards & Games 2 @ Full Sail

    ***********This Campaign is in progress!*******
    We currently have 4 steady players for this game but are happy to welcome a few more. Even if there is a waitlist you can still sign up as people may drop

    A chance encounter on an unassuming road leads to a dangerous and lucrative opportunity. But what seems simple on the surface turns out to be much more below. Thrust into a world where every enemy has an enemy and everyone has their own dark motive, the only chance to survive is to ally with the right foe. Sometimes “doing the right thing” comes only in shades of black.

  • Tomb of Annhilation (APL 6 Forgotten Realms) - DM Carson

    Campus Cards & Games 2

    The talk of the streets and taverns has all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied.

    When they finally succumb, they can’t be raised—and neither can anyone else, regardless of whether they’ve ever received that miracle in the past. Temples and scholars of divine magic are at a loss to explain a curse that has affected the entire region, and possibly the entire world.
    The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests.

    Characters brought into this game will suffer from the mysterious Death Curse - meaning that they can't be raised from death until the conclusion of the adventure. Choose your characters wisely!

    If I’ve run a long-term game for you, please refrain from signing up. Would love to see some new players! This game will be biweekly.

  • [Online] DDHC Tomb of Annihilation - DM Matt (APL 10, Start @ Lvl. 1)

    Location visible to members

    Something evil is trapping the souls of the dead and draining life from all who have been raised from death by magic. This worldwide “death curse” not only prevents the raising of the dead but also causes creatures that were previously raised from the dead to wither and die. The source of this death curse lies in a trap-riddled tomb hidden beneath a lost city in the depths of a vast jungle.

    Tomb of Annihilation is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure that takes place on the peninsula of Chult in the Forgotten Realms. Chult is a tropical wilderness composed mostly of jungles, plateaus, impassable mountains, and belching volcanoes.

    This adventure is designed to begin with a party of four to six 1st-level characters, who should advance to 11th level or higher by the adventure’s conclusion.

    If you are interested in participating, please take the following steps:

    -If you haven't already, join the Orlando Adventurer's Guild Discord at the following address: https://discord.gg/K3v8UYJ

    -After joining the Discord, please send a direct message to DM Matt (Discord ID: RMED#1806) on the server, confirming your name on Meetup.

    -Once these steps are completed, I will DM you a link to the Roll20 lobby for this game.

    -If these steps are not taken within 24 hours of the scheduled game start, I will remove you from the list of active players, barring extenuating circumstances.

    -PLEASE be sure to DM me on Discord prior to game start and ask for a seat; this is how I verify that someone is actually going to play, and is not a bot account just sitting on a seat.

    The DM reserves the right to refuse to seat a player for any reason, including but not limited to:

    -Violations of the AL and/or OAG Code of Conduct.

    -Use of hateful language, that includes - but is not limited to - insulting other participants, and/or use of homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, and/or racist language.

    -The DM considers intentionally misgendering another player a use of hateful language; if a participant continues to misgender another player after multiple corrections, the DM reserves the right to kick that player from the table, regardless of whether or not said behavior was intentional or malicious.

    -Suspicion of cheating, including - but not limited to - intentionally lying about the results of a roll, misrepresenting or lying about a character's modifiers and features, and/or falsifying character logsheets for additional benefits.

    -Creating a character that fails to adhere to Adventurers' League rules, and intentionally obfuscating or dishonestly representing that character's abilities and features.

    -Signing up for a session with a character that falls outside the Tier and Level restrictions set by the DM / hardcover in the title of the event.

  • DDAL05-xx Storm King's Thunder Tier 3 (Continued)

    Versus Games, Oviedo Mall

    This is a continuation of the Tier 3 adventures which make up the Storm King's Thunder timeline. Once we finish Tier 3, we will continue into Tier 4.

    ***Game Location: Versus Game Store in the Oviedo Mall***

    These are AL-legal games; if you score a spot in Meetup, you have a seat at the table. If you are new to this group or haven't played with me before, please shoot me a quick message in Meetup or on the Discord to confirm attendance. If I haven’t received a message from you at least 24 hours of game time, I reserve the right to pull someone from the waiting list to attend the event. I can be found on the OAG Discord server (DM Erin or Erin #1151) or you can message me here on Meetup.

    OAG Discord Invitation: https://discord.gg/orlandodnd
    Please review rules for the Adventurer's League Player’s Guide (Forgotten Realms) prior to signing up: https://dnd.wizards.com/adventurers-league

  • [HISTORIC] Durlag's Tower Tier 3 - DM Robert

    Location visible to members

    East of Beregost, nestled in the outskirts of the Wood of Sharp Teeth, Durlag’s Tower has intrigued and yet stymied adventurers for decades. Stuffed full of mechanical traps and arcane wards, and rumored to be inhabited by fiends, very few have managed to extract any REAL treasure from the former home of Durlag Trollkiller. However, a powerful item in the ancient fight against the giants is said to be housed there, and the cloud giant Baron Rajiram has committed significant resources toward recovering it. After a pleasant tea in her garden, SEER calls upon you to beat him there and put a stop to his efforts!

    This will be an every other week event.

    Note that this is a Tier 3 Adventure

  • Canon's Custom Campaign Moonsea Tour - DM Canon (Tier 3)

    Campus Cards & Games 2 @ Full Sail

    This is my AL legal campaign I have stitched together out of Adventurer's League modules exploring the Moonsea region via season 1-3 modules and Convention Created Content modules as well as the new Dreams of the Red Wizards content.