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[In-Person] Riddle of the Raven Queen - DM Calvin (Tier 2)

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[In-Person] Riddle of the Raven Queen - DM Calvin (Tier 2)


### Embark on a rescue mission into the heart of the Shadowfell

You're out of the woods,
You're out of the light,
Step into the shade, beware it might bite.
Keep straight ahead for the most
Secretive place on the face of the earth or the
Hold onto your breath, hold onto your heart, hold onto your hope

This adventure takes heroes from the elf village Dripping Leaves in Cormanthyr Forest to a drow outpost to the Shadowfell. But will it bring them safely back again?
Please review rules for the Adventurer's League Campaign prior to signing up:

If you have any questions I can be reached over discord at
Calvin Bridges-Avalos#1844

Orlando Adventurer's Guild
Orlando Adventurer's Guild
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