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Have you ever noticed how high-performers are so well connected, respected and liked? Or how they seem to consistently create massive results in both their professional or personal life? Is it something mystical or is it perhaps that they have mastered certain skills surrounding emotional intelligence and personal development that has allowed them to become the greatest version of themselves?

• See self-improvement as a journey
• Are interested in being a better version of themselves tomorrow than they are today
• See the value in and are open to honest feedback
• Know they do not have it all figured out
• Are interested in creating value for others

• Looking within
• Learning how leaders are responsible for it all
• The difference between living life as a victim vs. living life as someone who is responsible
• How we can create a life that happens for us... and not to us

With this group being new, I am still working through some of the mechanics—as you can probably imagine. I am clear on two things:

#1. I will facilitate experiential workshops approximately once every six weeks.

• The Power of Authenticity
• Vulnerability As A Super Power
• All Feedback is Neutral
• How Easy Decision Making Can Be
• Distinctions of Leadership
• Leading From the Heart
• Creating A For Purpose Business

#2. I will establish a bi-weekly Zoom video conference. On these calls, either I or a guest will facilitate a conversation surrounding a specific subject that, of course, is in the area of personal growth.

Here are the areas we are currently growing on Meetup:

Jacksonville: http://bit.ly/2NRecZd
Space Coast: http://bit.ly/2NPcRC3
Orlando: http://bit.ly/2NOYCgx
Tampa: http://bit.ly/2NQ7oeo

If you know anyone in these areas, please send them an invitation.

Also, due to Meetup not exactly being all that friendly with group communication, I have established a private group on my facebook page: http://bit.ly/DougMackFB

Join us over there as well for community conversation, inspiration, accountability, guidance, and connection.

In the end, the goal is simple.. create a community of leaders who are already or are looking to get clear on their vision, are interested in becoming the best version of themselves, and want to create a positive impact on this world.

I am open to and encourage other ideas of how we can connect. If this subject matter is of interest to you, PLEASE message me with your ideas.

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