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What we’re about

We are a NETWORKING group of Holistic practitioners for personal Growth and a place of resource for personal growth.  Our purpose is to promote and support each other business.

This is a serious holistic (mind, body, spirit) wellness group of professionals that deserve a platform to get visibility to go to the next level. Exposure!   

Know before joining that this is a serious business group and this group may or may not be for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 When you join be aware that this group is about LOVE, COMPASSION and RESPECT for each other and towards every body. This group is about ENCOURAGING EACH OTHER TO GROW and get exposure. It is about friendship and growing all together as a big Holistic family and Light workers. You must be committed when you join us and be very professional. It is about making a difference in the Holistic field of professionals.

Everyone has a different gift. It is not about competition each one has its own purpose. If you do not agree do not join. We are focused on health, growth, empowerment and wisdom from every meeting. 

Choose to be part of a collaborative of Wellness professionals who understand that in order to be known in their industry your targeted audience must know you exist.

You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business but remember that this is a networking group only. You will not coach, give classes or courses during networking meetings.

Time is changing and the wellness industry will make a huge difference in the world forever make sure you are part of the leading team, If you are one of the following industry experts and agree on professionalism, integrity and the ethic of the group you are ideal for The Holistic Wellness Professionals Group and we welcome you.

We will spend quality time discussing the real issues that we face as industry professionals. This is why you are encouraged to attend the meetings whenever you can if you want to grow and get more exposure. Each group meeting, we will give the opportunity to 2 members to talk about its expertise. We suggest that you bring friends and family members that could benefit from a different modality than yours. It's a win-win situation.

Ideal members to join the group: Natural Health Professionals, Healthy living, Holistic and Alternative Health, Self-empowerment, self-improvement, Wellness, Entrepreneurs in all areas of wellness, Alternative Health Therapist and Counselors, professionals who specialize in physical areas of wellness , Natural Doctors, Health and Wellness professionals, Consultants, Compound Pharmaceutical services, Natural Health Industry experts, Business Owners, Executives, and other holistic wellness or wellness industry professionals. (No negative talk about someone else therapy or modality will be tolerated. If you do not act in compliance with the group rules you will not be able to remain with us) 

Meeting appearance: You are asked to RSVP to all meeting your are interested ONLY when you are really decided and able to attend. Please be respectful, and also understand that sometimes there is cost involved. Thank you.

In Light and Love always,                                                                                                                                                       CHADD & VIE