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OSHO New Human City is a meetup devoted to promote various consciousness events it Toronto that we find helpful for personal growth. Those events include meditations, dance, therapy groups and relationships groups, as well as other workshops and retreats that increase our inner and outer awareness.

We lead Osho meditations as well as other meditations and practices lead by facilitators from Toronto, Canada or invited from other countries.

Some techniques have an approach of learning about ourselves through relating and interacting, others help us lean about ourselves through meditation and relaxation. And some of the groups use a mixture of both approaches. We will post events from any of those groups.

This meetup is inspired by mystic osho's (1931-1990) vision about the new man and the new humanity:

The new man is not an improvement upon the old; he is not a continuous phenomenon, not a refinement. The new man is the declaration of the death of the old, and the birth of an absolutely fresh man -- unconditioned, without any nation, without any religion, without any discriminations of men and women, of black and white, of East and West, or North and South.

The new man is a manifesto of one humanity. It is the greatest revolution the world has ever seen.

You have heard about the miracle that Moses parted the sea in two parts. That miracle is nothing. I want to part humanity, the whole ocean of humanity divided in two parts: the old and the new.

The new will love this life, this world. The new will learn the art of living and loving and dying.

The new will not be concerned about heaven and hell, sin and virtue. The new man will be concerned about how to increase the joys of life, the pleasures of life -- more flowers, more beauty, more humanity, more compassion. And we have the capacity and the potential to make this planet a paradise, and to make this moment the greatest ecstasy of your life.

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- OSHO, The Golden Future.

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Osho Born Again Meditative Therapy Process

The Healing Den

Osho Born Again + Osho Kundalini Shaking and Dancing Meditation

Somatic Stretch Studio

OSHO Kundalini Meditation + Osho Discourse

Somatic Stretch Studio

Feel. Connect. Expand. Taster Evening!

Sterling Studio #4 (Colt Paper Building)

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