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Osho Born Again Meditative Therapy Process

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The Healing Den

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Near Glencairn Station

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There will be two short tasters for this process, to find out more, please check:
on Nov 21st:
and Nov 25th:

===About the 7 day Osho Born Again Meditative Therapy====
When: Dec 8-14th , 7-9:30pm
Where: Healing Den, 831 Glencairn Ave, Toronto (near Glencairn TTC).

Early-bird: $160 if paid in November
Price: $190 on or before Dec 8th

Description of the 7-day group:

This is a one-week process created by Osho to rediscover the beauty of childhood without verbalizing or analyzing our past psychological experiences.

Every day during the process we will start with dance and some fun exercises, and then jump into the process. The process includes one hour of allowing yourself to just be a child again, and a second hour of silent sitting together as a group from about 7pm to 9.30pm from Dec 8-14th.

For the first hour of this process, you behave like a child. Just enter your childhood. Whatever you wanted to do, do it – dancing, singing, jumping, crying, weeping – anything at all, in any posture. Nothing is prohibited except touching other people. Don’t touch or harm anyone else in the group.
Then follows the hour of just sitting silently. You will be fresher, more innocent, and meditation will become easier.

The benefit of such process is two folds:
In the first part, we are activating our energy, and entering into everything that comes to us. This is a stage of being empowered to bring your aliveness to a peak. In being total in the this part, we connect with the natural authenticity, creativity, playfulness and innocence of the child. Many holdings and much blockage in the body has a chance to be lived and dropped. And because this part is not about analyzing or going into the mind, we by-pass that busyness and connect directly to ourselves.

With the letting go of many holdings in the body, it then gives us a deep relaxation which helps us to experience meditation. And while still being in connection with the child energy, we can remember it was actually very easy for a child to be silent. Making the second part of this process an rejuvenating experience.

~The process will be lead by certified Osho Born Again facilitators, who lived and were trained in various Osho communities in Europe and Asia: Bodhi Anatta (Dan Jiang) and Nijen (Levon Cherkezyan).~

===About the facilitators==
Bodhi Anatta (Dan Jiang)
Anatta has been sharing active meditations since 2015. He is a trained facilitator for OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO Born Again. He has facilitated and assisted with groups in Canada, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Greece.

"OSHO Born Again is a process that I fell in love immediately. Perhaps of my tight upbringing in China, that the child in me is seeks very much for a total freedom. And with this process, it is as free as they come, but also transmuted the freshly liberated energy into awareness and freshness. A Truly wonderful process for anyone to experience."
- Anatta

Nijen (Levon Cherkezyan)
Nijen has been practicing active Osho meditations for last 15 years, and is very passionate about Osho's vision of New Humanity and Conscious Living. He facilitates Osho Active meditations in Toronto www.oshonewhumantoronto.com, as well as other meditative processes that include active body movements, interactions with other participants, emotional work, catharsis, and silent sitting.

"During my experience of meditating and exploring various meditation practices for last 15 years of my life, Osho Born Again gave me one of the deepest experiences of silence. The one hour silence stage felt like 2-3 min, I couldn't believe that. This makes me excited to share this process with you."
- Nijen

Check here for more info: https://www.osho.com/learn/meditative-therapies/osho-born-again

Feel free to contact Nijen: [masked] and Anatta: [masked]