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Invitation for participating in a Group Meditation Experience.
We will do a "Surprise" Active Meditation chosen from the bouquet of techniques devised or recommended by Osho.

All are invited.

No prior experience necessary. Detailed instructions will be provided prior to meditation and there will be opportunity to ask questions and share.

Clothing - Wear very lose comfortable relaxed clothing.


Osho Says - "The possibility is there. If you make the effort you will catch the one ray that exists in you, and once you catch the one ray, the sun is not very far; then through the ray you can reach the sun - the ray becomes the path.
So remember: find attention, let it become a continuity in you twenty-four hours a day, whatsoever you do. Eat, but try to be attentive: eat with awareness. Walk, but walk with awareness. Love, but love fully aware. Try!
It cannot become total just in one day, but even if one ray is caught, you will feel a deep fulfillment, because the quality is the same whether you attain to one ray or the whole sun."


11:00AM - 11.15AM - Welcome hugs followed by detailed description of the Chosen Meditation. The Facilitator will chose the appropriate meditation based on the energy of the group.
11:15AM - Osho Active Meditation
12:15PM - Short Osho Audio talk followed by Tea and Sharing

Osho says -

"Begin to be aware of anything
which ordinarily happens unconsciously,
for example - anger, jealousy, pride -and your consciousness will be deepened.

Act consciously,
even in day-to-day acts be conscious,
for example - walking, eating, talking and your consciousness will be expanded. Be alert when thinking.
No thought should be allowed to pass unwitnessed. And then, in the end, there is explosion in which you become totally conscious with no unconsciousness behind."

On Tension Osho Says - "Tension has nothing to do with anything outside you, it has something to do within you. Outside you always find an excuse only because it looks so idiotic to be tense without any reason. Just to rationalize, you find some reason outside yourself to explain why you are tense."

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