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OSHO Birthday Celebration with Meditation on LIVE Music

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  • Price: $15.00 /per person

    Refund policy

  • All Lovers of Osho are invited to Osho Birthday Celebration.

    A Day to Meditate and Celebrate.

    A Day to express Gratitude to Osho.

    A Day to wish Happy Birthday.

    We will start with the most intense and cleansing Osho Dynamic Meditation, highly recommended for all participants. Dynamic Meditation is an active meditation and should be done on empty stomach.

    After a nutritious breakfast we will sit in Meditation Satsang while Atlanta Osho Lovers, Musicians and fellow meditators Swami Prem Anand (Scott), Rene, Lee play meditative Music. 

    Delicious Indian Vegetarian Lunch will be served.

    Please RSVP early. Space is limited.

    All are Welcome. No Prior experience is necessary.

    Detail description and demonstration of meditation will be provided prior to the meditation.


    08:30AM –  Arrival, parking, welcome hugs (Please see note on parking)

    08:45AM - 10:00AM - OSHO Dynamic Meditation

    10:00AM - 11:00AM - Breakfast (Lacto Vegetarian)

    11:00AM – 12:30PM - Satsang on LIVE music

    12:30PM - 01:00PM - OSHO Prayer Meditation

    01:00PM - 01:45PM -  OSHO Birthday Celebration and Cake Cutting

    01:45PM - 02:30PM - Catered Indian Vegetarian Lunch

    Special Note - It is advisable to attend the whole event but if Dynamic Meditation is too intense for you then you may join during breakfast.

    Dress recommendation:  Loose clothing. Meditation robes if available. Maroon or white color preferred but not mandatory

    Parking – please double park in driveway or even side (our side) of the road. Weather permitting, you may also park at the community pool which is immediately to your right when you enter the Creekside community (0.3 mile walk).

    Donation - Recommended $15 per person or $25 per couple (including breakfast and Catered Indian Vegetarian Lunch. Atlanta Osho meetup is a non profit gathering of friends. If you can not afford the recommended donation amount then please contribute what you can comfortably pay. Love.


    1. If meditation is an “inward phenomenon” then why can’t I just meditate at home?

    It has been found that meditation is lot easier in a supportive group.  Group energy helps meditator. Occasional group meditation can boost your individual daily meditations.

    2. This is my first time, what should I expect? 

    Osho meditations are non-serious. Come with an open mind and participate totally; "Totally" is the key. Detail instructions are provided prior to each session and you get ample opportunity to ask questions. Group meditations are an oasis. A typical session may include laughter, dancing, Osho Meditation techniques, Osho audio / video discourses, Silence, Celebration, sharing with fellow participants and finally some simple delicious food. Please read general disclaimer at the bottom of this invite. 

    3. What should I wear? 

    Wear lose clothing, as lose clothing will not hinder the flow of energy in your body.  A meditation robe is ideal but if you don’t have a robe then any lose clothing will do. It is recommended that clothing be of Maroon or white color, but not mandatory.

    4. Where can I get Osho books, pictures, audio, video, apps? 

    Most meditation locations have small selection of Osh's jewels like books, audio/video available for sale and also as a library. The Osho library has been made by donations from friends. Osho Viha has the largest collection of Osho books for sale ( Few Osho books are available on amazon and meditation music is available on iTunes, Google store, Spotify or YouTube. Wonderful Apps like Osho Radio, "No Thought for the day" and few others are available on Apple and Google app stores.

    5. Any other information I need to know?

    All are welcome. Come as a seeker with an open heart. Please note that most of the weekend meditations are held at individual homes so follow the directions of parking and any other instructions provided by organizer. Please keep your cell phone in silence mode. Please plan to arrive few minutes ahead of the time.

    Osho Dilruba library -  Explore Osho books, other spiritual books, Audio, Video. If you have a book or media checked out then please bring back for exchange.

    A Prayerful Space - By Swami Chaitanya Keerti

    Osho has devised a number of meditation techniques both active and passive keeping the modern man in mind. But what fascinates me more is the prayer meditation. To me these two words--prayer and meditation--sound contradictory. As most of us know that we did our prayers in the past, taught by our elders, were addressed to some god-figure. We were made to imagine or visualize this figure and chant some sweet words and bow down to it. This figure could be of Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanumaan, or one of many goddesses--Devi, Kali, Durga, Saraswati and others. We have been conditioned to utter prayers to such god-figures at home or the temples dedicated to them. Most of us know the full prayers by heart, and we join in the collective prayers wherever they may be happening. These prayers have gone deep into our unconsciousness.

    It is said that a poor person begs outside the temple whereas a rich person begs inside the temple. And this begging is called prayer.

    It is indeed an interesting fact that we often pray when we want something from our gods and goddesses. We may be in some kind of need, and we want it to be fulfilled, with or without our sincere effort, so we ask for god's help in the form of prayer. Then we wait for this prayer to be heard. Some times it gets heard and we assume that god has done something for us.

    I cannot say that this a fact or fiction. It could be just a coincidence also. What I want to say is that most of the time our prayers are quite mundane, contaminated by our desires and needs. These are not pure prayers that make you feel really divine.

    What makes us feel divine?

    In my experience, when our mind is not imagining anything, it is free from past and future, and we are empty, the prayer may happen out of sheer joy. It may not be verbal even, it may not be addressed to any god of our choice--and still we may be in prayerful space. The cool breeze caressing us, the starry night stirring our heart, the gentle sunrise, the vast ocean, the bird on the wing singing its song in the open sky, the snow-clad mountains...any such thing could trigger a space of prayerfulness in our heart and we may find ourselves bowing down to existence itself. This is prayer which needs no words--just a prayerful heart.

    Osho suggests that we go through deep cleansing of our mind and heart. A natural prayer becomes a possibility in that purity of space. After going through this process of meditation, Osho's method of prayer meditation can take us still deeper.

    This is a simple technique of Prayer Meditation suggested by Osho: 

    This technique is best done at night in a darkened room, going to sleep immediately afterwards or it can be done in the morning but it must be followed by 15 minutes rest, otherwise you would feel as if you are drunk, in a stupor. This merging with energy is prayer, according to Osho. It changes you and when you change the whole existence changes. 

    First stage: Raise both your hands towards the sky, palms uppermost, head up, just feeling existence flowing in you. As the energy flows down your arms you will feel a gentle tremor – be like a leaf in the breeze, trembling. Allow it and let it happen. Then let your whole body, vibrate with energy and just let whatever happens, happen. 

    Second stage: After two or three minutes, or whenever you feel completely filled, lean down to the Earth and kiss it. You simply become a vehicle to allow the divine energy to unite with that of the Earth.

    These two stages should be repeated six more times so that each of the ‘charkas’ can become unblocked. More times can be done but if you do less number of times, you may feel restless and unable to sleep.

    Osho Says –

     When awareness joins with your ears

     then listening happens

     when awareness joins with your eyes

     then seeing happens

     when awareness joins with your hands

     then touching happens ...

    "Continue to meditate. Make it a regular thing. Even if you cannot do anything, just sit silently. Just to give specific time, deliberately, to meditation is enough; just the very idea that for one hour you will be sitting for meditation, and then you sit. Even if you don’t do anything; you simply sit under a tree or in your room; slowly, slowly that one hour becomes the most precious time.

     You start waiting for it. You look forward to it. Slowly, slowly something starts in you; that one hour becomes sacred. And you can see the difference between your other twenty-three hours and that one hour. It is like a diamond in a heap of pebbles: It shines; it has a grandeur of its own. And that one hour finally becomes the only time saved. All else has gone down the drain. One day one understands that those were the only moments that one lived.

     When the German poet, Goethe, was dying, somebody said, “In your long life you must have enjoyed many beautiful moments.” He was a man of great caliber, one of the greatest geniuses of the world, and multi-dimensional. But the question made him very sad. He said, “If I count, then it can’t come to more than two weeks in my whole life. But those are the only two weeks that I have really lived — a few moments far and few between; those were the real moments. I have lived only two weeks, the rest has been just a wastage.” If Goethe said that, what about an ordinary man? — not even two weeks.

    But if one meditates, one simply sits for meditation, one keeps that one hour sacred and separate, slowly, slowly that one hour becomes a window: It starts giving you glimpses of the beyond. In that one hour you become open to something unknown, mysterious. You start feeling the presence that can only be called divine; there is no other word to express it. That one hour becomes a transforming process. So even if nothing happens in the beginning, don’t be worried; just go on sitting for that one hour. It brings great fruit. If you can, do Dynamic, Kundalini, or simply dancing will be good. If you cannot do anything — the situation does not allow — then simply sit silently.

     The whole question is: You should be deliberately in meditation for one hour. What you do is not so important, so all kinds of meditation help, because the basic thing is there: the deliberate effort to keep a few moments apart, away from the marketplace."


     Source book : Hallelujah! , Chapter #10

    Osho – The Psychology Of The Buddhas

    So I teach you, first, a deep respect, love and gratitude for your body. That will be the fundamental of the psychology of the buddhas, of the psychology of the awakened ones.

    The second thing after the body is your mind. Mind is simply a fiction. It has been used, in fact used too much, by all kinds of parasites. These are the people who will teach you to be against the body and for the mind.

    There is a mechanism called the brain. The brain is part of the body, but the brain has no inbuilt program. Nature is so compassionate – leaving your brain without any inbuilt program means existence is giving you freedom. Whatever you want to make of your brain, you can make. But what was compassionate on the part of nature has been exploited by your priests, your politicians, your so-called great men. They found a great opportunity to stuff the mind with all kinds of nonsense.

    Mind is a clean slate – whatever you write on the mind becomes your theology, your religion, your political ideology. And every parent, every society is so alert not to leave your brain in your own hands, they immediately start writing the Holy Koran, the Holy Bible, Bhagavadgita – and by the time they call you adult, capable to participate in the affairs of the world, you are no more yourself. 

    This is so cunning, so criminal, that I am surprised that nobody has pointed it out. No parent has the right to force the child to be a Catholic or a Hindu or a Jaina. The children are born through you but they don’t belong to you. You cannot be the possessors of living beings. You can love them, and if you really love them you will give them freedom to grow according to their own nature, without any persuasion, without any punishment, without any effort by anybody else.

    The brain is perfectly right – it is the freedom given by nature to you, a space to grow. But the society, before you can grow that space, stuffs it with all kinds of nonsense… 

    But the same kind of ideas everywhere you will find forced into the brain. I want it to be clearly understood: the brain is natural; mind is what is stuffed into the brain. So the brain is not Christian, but mind can be; the brain is not Hindu, but the mind can be.

    The mind is the creation of the society, not a gift of nature. The first thing the psychology of the buddhas will do is to take away this whole junk that you call mind and leave your brain silent, pure, innocent, the way you were born.

    Modern psychology all around the world is doing something stupid: analyzing the brain, analyzing all the thoughts which constitute your mind. In the East we have looked into the innermost parts of humanity and our understanding is, the mind needs no analysis. It is analyzing junk. It needs simply to be erased. The moment the mind is erased – and the method is meditation – you are left with a body which is absolutely beautiful, you are left with a silent brain with no noise.

    The moment the brain is freed from the mind, the innocence of the brain becomes aware of a new space which we have called the soul.  Once you have found your soul, you have found your home. You have found your love, you have found your inexhaustible ecstasy, you have found that the whole existence is ready for you to dance, to rejoice, to sing – to live intensely and die blissfully. These things happen on their own accord.

    The mind is the barrier between your brain, your body and your soul. You can see the difference: the psychology born in the West is concerned with the most non-essential part of you; it goes round and round analyzing the mind. The psychology of the buddhas, in a single hit, will drop the mind and accept only that which existence has given to you, not the society you were unfortunate to be born in.

    But every society is unfortunate, every religion is unfortunate. This is the greatest calamity under which humanity has lived up to now. What is the difference between a Mohammedan and a Christian, except the mind? What is the difference between a communist and a spiritualist? – just the difference of the mind. Each has been cultivated differently.

    So the first and the most basic thing is, the psychology of the buddhas has evolved methods of meditation which are really nothing but surgical methods so that the mind can be removed – it is the worst cancerous growth in you. Other than the mind, everything is absolutely beautiful. It is because only the mind is man-manufactured; everything else comes from the eternal sources of life.

    Osho - Om Mani Padme Hum, chp 16

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    About Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India and lot more

    Osho Meditation events in North America

    Important note - General Disclaimer –

    1. Osho Meditation events may involve Dancing, Active breathing, physical activity. All participants are advised to engage as much as their individual health provide. You should not exceed your own physical limitation.

    2. The meetups are informal gathering of friends. The gathering is not affiliated to any other organization in USA or abroad.

    3. The group is a non profit. The groups are not selling any product or service, the group is simply to experience the magic of Osho Meditations.

    4. Events are organized at individual homes and host takes very good care but in any circumstances host is not liable for any loss or injury. Participants bear all responsibility.

    5. Occasionally few photos are taken and may be shared on meetup. If you do not like this then please let the organizers know ahead of time. By default the consent is presumed.

    6. Food is usually arranged by host. The food is Vegetarian but may contain milk.

    7. Participants should follow general directions like parking, cell phone use etc. All are welcome to all the events but organizers are free to refuse admission to any person they think is not appropriate for the gathering.

    COME JOIN THE FUN of Meditation and Celebration >>>>

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  • Prem S.

    Banging of the head won't do, but dropping of the head can do. Banging: the head always wants to do it. That's what you are doing your whole life -- banging heads, fighting. Don't try to bang. Just drop it, be headless.

    Try it as a meditation. It is one of the most beautiful tantra meditations. Walk, and think that the head is no more there -- just the body. Sit, and think that the head is no more there -- just the body. Continuously remember that the head is not there. Visualize yourself without the head. Have a picture of yourself enlarged -- without the head. Look at it. Let your mirror be lowered in the bathroom so when you see, you cannot see your head -- just the body.

    Osho - Come Follow To You


    • Prem S.

      A few days of remembrance, and you will feel such weightlessness happening to you, such tremendous silence, because it is the head that is the problem. If you can conceive of yourself as headless.... And that can be conceived, there is no trouble in it. Then more and more, you'll be centered near the heart.
      Just this very moment you can visualize yourself headless. Then you will understand what I am saying immediately. There will not be a gap between what I say and what you understand. It is the head creating the whole nonsense in between.

      Osho - Come Follow To You


    • Prem S.

      But please don't bang it against the wall, because the wall might not like it. The wall might not be ready yet to get enlightened. Bang it with emptiness, not with the wall. Then it drops.
      To be headless is to be meditative. To be completely headless is to attain to the unattainable. Your head is your madness. If you can conceive of yourself without the head, all madness
      will disappear. Just try it. Give it a try. It is one of the most potential methods.

      Osho - Come Follow To You


  • Prem S.

    Yes, it is simple. It is so simple that you can become awakened this very moment. Don't ask how, because once you ask how then it is no longer simple; then it becomes difficult. Because of your'hows' there are people who go on answering you. You ask how; they show you the way. In fact, there is no way: it is a pathless path. In fact, there is no how to it. It is just an understanding, a turning in.
    If you have understood the point, live it. Because only through living will it become a concrete reality.

    Osho - Come Follow To You


  • Prem S.

    Sometimes coincidences and sometimes a series of coincidences is possible which can make a person believe. And when these things happen – and these things can happen, it is such a vast world – people are bound to believe. People are gullible.

    But my effort here is to make you intelligent, not believers. There are no miracles. There is only one miracle – THE miracle I call it – and that is your being utterly empty. The death of the ego is the only miracle; if that happens you have attained the Golden Gate, you have passed through the Golden Gate. You have known what eternity is; you have gone beyond time.

    Osho - The Golden Gate

    1 · Yesterday

  • Prem S.

    God will recognize you by your original face; nothing else will be recognized there. No degrees, no fame, no money, no power, no prestige, nothing else will be recognized there but your original face; and you will have to stand utterly naked before him. The Master simply represents God on the earth. You have to be utterly naked before the Master, only then will you be capable one day of facing your God. If you are capable of facing your Master you will certainly be able to face your God.

    Osho - The Golden Gate

    1 · 2 days ago

  • Prem S.

    There are two possibilities. Buddha sat for years in silence and then he experienced Tao. He calls it NIRVANA; that is his name for Tao. And Jalaluddin Rumi danced for years, and then one day it happened while he was dancing: through dance he attained to Tao. He calls it God; that is his name for Tao. One can approach either through stillness or through movement. It is because of this fact that in my commune both kinds of meditations are being used. People are dancing, people are singing, and meditating. People are sitting in silence – zazen, vipassana – and meditating. And one can move from one to the other because both are your possibilities: you can find it in dance and you can find it in silence, stillness.

    Osho- The Golden Gate

    1 · 2 days ago

  • Prem S.

    The self, the real self, the supreme self, is beyond any person, identification, form, process, position. But they all arise in it and dissolve in it – it is the ocean. The self is the space in which everything appears and disappears. That space has to be found within yourself. Don’t get identified with any content, otherwise the ego arises.

    For example, there is sadness surrounding you. Immediately you become identified, you say, ”I am sad.” That is stupid, unintelligent, you are unaware, you don’t know what you are saying. You are not the sadness, you are the witness. Sadness is there, but you are separate from it: you are the knower of it.

    1 · 5 days ago

    • Prem S.

      Say, ”I am seeing that sadness surrounds me,” but don’t say, ”I am sad.” Anger is there, but don’t say, ”I am anger,” or ”I am angry.” Simply say, ”There is anger, I can see it is there.” Anger is the content of your consciousness, it is not the consciousness itself. Consciousness is the space, the witnessing space.

      This is the revolution, if you forget the content and remember the consciousness. Two things are continuously happening in you: the content and consciousness. A thought passes through your mind and you become identified with it; you say, ”I am it.” If you are hungry, you say,’I am hungry.” Please be a little more aware: say, ”I watch, I am a witness, that the body is feeling hungry.”

      1 · 5 days ago

    • Prem S.

      When you have eaten well and you feel satiated, don’t say, ”I am satiated.” Again, remember. Because of our ignorance we have created a wrong kind of language too. We say, ”I am satiated.” You were never hungry and you are never satiated. Hunger was a content, so is satiation. Sadness was a content, so is happiness.

      This mindfulness Sufis call ZIKR, remembrance. Buddha has called it ”mindfulness, right awareness.”

      Just go on cutting yourself off from the content. Slowly slowly, the bridge is broken. The day you recognize the fact that you are never the content but always the consciousness, you have arrived home.

      Osho - Unio Mystica

      1 · 5 days ago

  • Prem S.

    Thirst is perfectly beautiful, because it is only through thirst that you will know what contentment is, what the beauty is of feeling quenched. If you are really thirsty then you will know the joy of drinking water. If you are really hungry then you will know the joy of eating food.When you are burning, like fire, only then contentment happens. And God is the ultimate contentment. It happens to the religious person who lives through discontent. A religious person is one who is thirsty.

    Osho- The Wisdom of the Sands

    1 · 5 days ago

  • Prem S.

    I am a madman and, Rajendra, you have come and fallen in love with me. There is no going back, fear or no fear. Gather courage! You have to come with me; the journey has already started. Even if you go back you will not find the old shore again. Even if you go back, those old toys will not be of any help anymore; you are finished with them, you will know they are toys. Now the real has to be found, has to be inquired into. And it is not very far away either – it is within you. Falling in love with a Master means really falling in love with your ultimate nature, falling in love with your Tao. Hence your joke is beautiful.

    Osho - The Golden Gate

    1 · 5 days ago

    • Prem S.

      Two madmen went into a pub and while looking around for a place to sit they saw themselves in a big mirror on the opposite wall. One madman said to the other, ”Hey, look at those two guys over there. They look so familiar to me. Let’s go over and say hello to them. ” As they start moving, however, the other madman says, ”Never mind, they are already coming to see us!” The closer you come to me the closer you will be to yourself. The day you are dissolved in me you will be dissolved in yourself. I will disappear immediately. I am just a device, just an excuse to dissolve. Suddenly you will find yourself, you will discover yourself. The function of the real Master is to help you to discover yourself, to help you to be yourself. And unless you are yourself you are not free and you cannot know what bliss is and you cannot know what truth is and you cannot know what God is.

      Osho - The Golden Gate

      2 · 5 days ago

  • Prem S.

    That’s the difference between science and religion: religion is magic. Science depends on method; religion depends on Masters, on the presence of those who have become awakened. Only if you can get attuned with me here is something possible – even the impossible is possible. But you will have to get attuned with me.

    Osho- Tao: The Golden Gate

    1 · 6 days ago

  • Prem S.

    There is nothing more healthy than a good laughter, there is nothing more sane than a good laughter. Laughter is very vital. I would like my sannyasins to be laughing sannyasins. I would like the world to know my people as the most laughing, dancing, singing people. I don’t want any sad, serious-looking people here. I don’t want any long faces here. Yes, when you come you come with a long face, but then I have to hit you and sooner or later you lose your mask – because that is only a mask. No child is born with a long face; every child is born with laughter, with a great joy which is ready to explode. We destroy his joy. My effort here is to release that joy again, to bring your childhood back to you.

    Osho- Tao: The Golden Gate

    1 · 6 days ago

  • Prem S.

    A perfect archer is always the archer who is having fun. A perfect man lives life as fun, as play. Look at Krishna's life. Had Chuang Tzu known about him, it would have been beautiful. Krishna's life is fun. Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, somehow or other look a little serious, as if something has to be achieved -- the moksha, the nirvana, the desirelessness. But Krishna is absolutely purposeless: the flute player just living for fun, dancing with girls and enjoying, singing. For him there is nowhere to go. Everything is here, so why bother about the result? Everything is available right now, why not enjoy it? Krishna is the perfect man if fun is the sign of a perfect man. In India we never call Krishna's life CHARITRA, his character, we call it Krishna's LEELA, his play. It is not a character, it is not purposeful; it is absolutely purposeless.

    Osho - The Empty Boat

    2 · November 26

    • Prem S.

      It is just like a small child. You cannot ask, "What are you doing?" You cannot ask, "What is the meaning of it?" He is enjoying himself just running after butterflies. What will he achieve just jumping in the sun? Where will this effort lead him? Nowhere! He is not going anywhere. We call him childish and we think ourselves mature, but I tell you that when you are really mature, you will again become childlike. Then your life will again become fun. You will enjoy it, every bit of it, you will not be serious. A deep laughter will spread all over your life. It will be more like a dance and less like a business; it will be more like singing, humming in the bathroom, less like calculating in the office. It will not be mathematics, it will just be enjoyment.

      Osho - The Empty Boat

      2 · November 26

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