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A New Beginning - Experience OSHO No-Dimensions Meditation and more

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A New Year is a new beginning, a new opportunity for transformation.

All friends are invited to participate in a unique OSHO Meditation based on Synchronized Body Movements. The whole group move as one unity. It is a wonderful centering technique that can be understood only by doing..

In a supportive group environment we will dive into this intense but fun meditation technique devised by Osho.

A Group Meditation experience leaves a participant elated and full of life energy. No prior experience or knowledge of any meditation is necessary. All are welcome. Detail instructions are given. Take the first step and experience OSHO meditations.


02:45 PM -- Arrival, Parking, Welcome Hugs (please see note on parking)
03:00 PM -- OSHO No Dimensions Meditation (details instructions will be provided. See the link below for details)
04:15 PM - Guided Meditation - Relaxing the Body and Mind
04:45 PM -- Gratitude Dance, Silence and Sharing
05:15 PM -- Vegetarian Snack and Indian style Chai (Tea)

Parking – please double park in driveway or even side (our side) of the road. You may also park at the pool which is immediately to your right when entering the community.

About OSHO No Dimensions Meditation
This is an Active Centering meditation where the whole group does synchronized movement and move as a unit. Read more here -

Osho Dilruba library - Explore Osho DVDs, books, other spiritual books. If you have a book or media checked out then please bring back for exchange.

Donation Amount : $5 to $20 per person

What to wear? - Lose clothing recommended. Meditation robes preferred. Sufi Skirt, lose flowing skirt, Meditation robes or any lose clothing that allow free body movement.


OSHO on Sensitivity

“To live without sensitivity is to live a very dull life, a dead life….
Once the body attains to sensitivity, you will find joy through the body, great joy. Small things become so delightful. Just taking a shower and it is so delightful that you will feel great gratitude towards God - just for a shower. The water falling on you, the coolness of it, the freshness that comes in you...
You will be lost to its beauty. Small things: eating, talking to a friend, holding the hand of a friend, looking at the sky or looking at the trees, just swimming in the river, or lying down on the sand just taking a shower of sun rays, and everything becomes so joyful. The whole of life takes a new hue of rejoicing. You will be able to dance and sing if the body is resurrected.” Osho

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