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Taylorism And Mass Production - Why The Software Factory Fails. Marcus Ahnve

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  • Why do we separate development from maintenance and operations?
  • Why do system architects chose frameworks and write UML diagrams but do not write any code?
  • Why do we measure how many lines of code a developer writes?

The theories of Frederick Taylor and those that followed them still today sets the norm for how organizations are managed. What we see as normal and common ways to organize work have their historical roots in early 1900's steel mills. These practices make agile adoption difficult, hinders empirical processes and self organizing teams. The talk provides an explanation to why IT-organizations are managed like factories, why these fail, and how to start the change into a succesful agile organization.

Marcus Ahnve is a Senior Consultant at Valtech, a global IT consultancy. He is a agile coach and developer helping software development organizations. Marcus experience in agile software development dates back to 1996 and his first project which was done in Smalltalk. In 2001 he started doing XP development and has since then explored new ways of making development more effective, economical and fun. Marcus is one of the founders of the community conference on agile methods Agila Sverige held yearly in Stockholm.

Karl Johans gate 17 · Oslo
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