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Whether you:
•  Increase your Inner-Trust and Confidence,

• Want to relief Panic attacks, stress, anxiety or depression,

• Want to bathe in relaxing and nurturing sounds of Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls or Gongs
• Want to experience meditation with sound
• Looking for solid teachings of Sound Therapy 

This group welcomes you with arms wide open!
Othmanhaddad.com offers you high-quality sessions and workshops in a safe and compassionate environment.
Our method has helped thousands of people in the UK, Switzerland and around the world heal their body, mind and spirit. 
Few success examples include PTSD, Pain, IBD, Insomnia, Infertility, Stress, Anxiety and Public Speaking to just name few.
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We are featured in, among others, BBC TV Channel 4, BBC World Services Radio, Vogue Magazine, Evening Standard newspaper, Holistic Therapist Magazine, Extreme Health Radio and NTS Radio.


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Drum and rhythm therapy- module 4 of sound therapy training 2022

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  • You can independently join this day workshop or join the whole sound therapy training course 2022.

  • Please follow this link to sign up:


Everything in you has a rhythm, starting from your heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing and even brain activities.

You will discover through this foundation online course how rhythms affect our health, the way we think and how we feel. Once you identify your inner rhythms you will learn how to change them ideally by using a drum and any other simple percussion instrument.

This course does not teach you how to become a percussionist, but you will acquire a solid knowledge of how to use rhythm to bring more healing into your life.

Please note that we will only use frame drums in this course because they resonate well and are very simple to play and store.

You will learn how to use a drum to work with clients later on during the advanced course.

Course structure:

  • Introduction to rhythm

  • Introduction to frame drums

  • Choosing and buying drums

  • Know about your rhythms

  • How to use a drum to:
    *relieve pain and stuck emotions
    *Change your thinking patterns
    *gain more energy

  • Price of the workshop: £120

  • For additional information about the sound therapy training course, please visit: https://www.othmanhaddad.com/course2022.html

  • Please follow this link to sign up:

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