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Boardgame Night at the Royal Oak! Everything from Monopoly to Settlers of Catan to Cosmic Encounter to even more strange and Esoteric Titles! Come one, come all, newbies welcome! Lots of fun people to meet! Lots of new games to play! Bring a friend and briing a game and have a beer with a bunch of boardgame geeks! All you need to do is bring a dollar (just 1 dollar!) half of which goes as a thank you to the wait staff for putting up with us, and the other half goes into a pool to buy prizes (gift cards, board games, etc) from local stores. The raffle is on the first Monday of each month! Cheers, and happy gaming! ***A NOTE ON THE START TIMES*** I've noticed some people being surprised that there are people at the games night BEFORE 6:30 so I thought I'd explain - a lot of our attendees work downtown, and just come to the Oak right after work. Our peak hours are still 7-10pm, but there are people as early as 330 and as late as midnight. Show up when you'd like, and leave when you'd like!

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Calling all geeks! Socialites and shy; trekkies and star wars buffs; cosplayers and bookworms; fluent in MS-DOS and Objective C and those who don't even know what those are; workers, students and non-workers; alliance and horde players!

The Ottawa Geek Social Club strives to provide meetup opportunities that reflect the many facets of geekdom and beyond! Main member interests include strategy games, comic books, computers, anime, movies/shows, videogames, conventions, and books.

Members are encouraged to contribute to the discussion forum regularly, to attend a minimum of one event every two months, to rate events after having attended, and to pay a one time $5 membership fee (for site fees). Members must live in Ottawa and be at least 19 years of age (some events are open to all ages for the children of members but other serve alcohol so 19+ to join).

The higher the member participation, the stronger the group will become. Join us!

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