• Automatization in Kerbal Space Program (KSP)

    Online event

    A Gamification approach to learning Python: Automatize your orbital Rendez-vous in Kerbal Space Program.

    Nikolas Güttler will present a script which automatically lets two vessels meet and dock in-orbit.
    Afterward, he will discuss his learning journey on how KSP inspired him to learn Python and whether KSP is a good learning tool to introduce people to Python.

    As a recent graduate of Social Science, Nikolas is completely new to Python and Programming. He started learning Python out of boredom during the lockdown and since then became an enthusiast. Nikolas works in Language Quality Assurance for video games, and has an affinity to the gamification approach of learning Python.

  • Our 2020 Projects

    Online event

    A virtual show-and-tell: this is what we've been working on in the past year.

    For some of us 2020 was an opportunity to catch up on old projects and start a few new ones. Join us online to share what you've been working on (doesn't have to be Python!) and hear about the interesting things local pythonistas have been up to.

    We're also looking for suggestions on how to get future Ottawa Python meetings going virtually. Are you interested in online presentations? Something else? Please add your ideas to this page!

  • Python Monthly Meeting

    Needs a location

  • DevOps with Poetry, pytest, Git Flow and CircleCI


    This month Jeff McLean will present: Python DevOps - a fully automated release pipeline implementation for a Python project using Poetry (pyproject.toml), pytest with Black (for linting) and isort, Git Flow (i.e. master/develop/feature branches), CircleCI and python-semantic-release.

    In the last 1.5 years Jeff has learned many different CI/CD tools, source control management systems, package management systems, and languages for his work. This project serves as a reference implementation for the DevOps side of things for his projects.

    Jeff McLean is a software engineer with 15 years industry experience including two successful startups and one large, ubiquitous tech company. Currently working in the DevSecOps space and learning Rust and some AI/ML on the side.

  • Cython: Be Careful What you Wish For


    Eric North will be presenting 'Cython: Be Careful What you Wish For'. He will explore some of the ups and downs encountered during his recent journey with Cython culminating in some decent take-aways for anyone interested in rolling it into their own projects

    Eric is a data nerd, loves to sail, run and generally enjoys most outdoor activities as much as possible.

  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision

    Cody's Cafe, Shopify

    Navjot kaur Bians and Rajshekhar Mukherjee will discuss deep learning's increasing popularity for computer vision applications, why it is better than machine learning and how Python can execute deep learning algorithms.

    Navjot kaur Bians graduated from university of Ottawa with Masters in Electrical and computer engineering with research experience in the field of digital image processing and signal processing. This was her second masters in engineering.

    Rajshekhar Mukherjee is working on a masters in engineering from uOttawa and currently he is an AI/ML software intern at Synopsys Canada.

  • Python GUI Development with PySide


    Mohammad Farhan will give an introductory talk on Qt GUI development using PySide.

    Qt is a GUI application framework which is mainly used for developing GUIs in C++, and PySide provides access to the Qt framework in Python. This talk will provide attendees with the basics of GUI development using PySide, data visualization using PyQtGraph, and present different application architectures that can be used for either small test script, or large end-user applications.

  • Python in my Concrete


    Ottawa-based company, Giatec Scientific Inc., is revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart concrete testing technologies and real-time data collection to the forefront of every jobsite.


    Simran and Hakan from the Giatec development team are going to briefly talk about the challenges that we had in the past and experiences that we gained in the following areas.

    - Our approach in 2-way syncing between app and cloud in the offline-first model
    - The fastest way for implementing a subscription-based application using third party solutions (e.g. Stripe)
    - Proxy access to the microservices using Django proxy view
    - Caching in Django and microservices


    - Backend: Django, Postgres, GraphQL, Celery, Redis
    - Frontend: Angular
    - Microservices: Flask, Django, Postgres, Peewee, Celery, Redis

  • OSS, Hacking, Employment and the Law

    Cody's Cafe, Shopify

    Daniel Tucker-Simmons and Jonathan Giraldi will be speaking about legal aspects of programming, open source, hacking, and employment related issues for programmers.

    The presentation will provide basic legal information on
    1) intellectual property issues related to open-source software, programming, and software development,
    2) general employment law issues and especially those related to ownership of rights to software developed in spare time, and
    3) criminal law issues related to pentesting or other forms of hacking

    The lawyers will also be happy to take questions related to other topics within their respective areas of expertise.

    Daniel cofounded Avant Law in 2015 in answer to the ongoing call for innovation in legal service delivery. Daniel’s objective is to make the law comprehensible and accessible through the use of innovative business practices and effective use of technology. In addition to working in private practice, Daniel is an adjunct professor at the University of Ottawa law school, where he supervises and instructs a practicum course focused on experiential learning, innovation, and access to justice.

    Jonathan is an experienced trial lawyer who regularly advises clients of their intellectual property rights and remedies in a variety of industrial areas, including medical devices, environmental remediation, consumer goods, prepared foods and pharmaceuticals. He has been involved in trials and hearings before the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal for clients seeking to enforce their IP rights, and on behalf of clients asserting non-infringing methods and products. Jonathan received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo and his law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School.