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DevOps with Poetry, pytest, Git Flow and CircleCI

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This month Jeff McLean will present: Python DevOps - a fully automated release pipeline implementation for a Python project using Poetry (pyproject.toml), pytest with Black (for linting) and isort, Git Flow (i.e. master/develop/feature branches), CircleCI and python-semantic-release.

In the last 1.5 years Jeff has learned many different CI/CD tools, source control management systems, package management systems, and languages for his work. This project serves as a reference implementation for the DevOps side of things for his projects.

Jeff McLean is a software engineer with 15 years industry experience including two successful startups and one large, ubiquitous tech company. Currently working in the DevSecOps space and learning Rust and some AI/ML on the side.

200 Laurier Ave W, 1st Floor Kitchen · Ottawa, on
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