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If you have trouble signing on with Zoom, please check your email attached to meetup and there will be a message sent from me today about how to log on.

Looking for some Halloween fun? In a rare departure from our regular outdoor events, this free tarot party will be offered online.

Halloween is a time when the veil between the spirit world and the earthly realm is thinner. Consequently, this is the perfect time to get a tarot card reading that pertains to a departed loved one, your ancestors, or one of your past lives.

The evening will start with a Halloween ice-breaker game and a check-in. As you arrive, please say hello and state your name and the name of a favorite spooky tv show or movie you have enjoyed. Make sure you hear me confirm that I have added your name to the tarot list. The sooner you enter the video call, the higher your name will be on the list for the individual tarot question part of the party. If you have to be late, please know that you must arrive for the party by 7:45 p.m. for me to add you to the list.

Next, I will start the event by explaining the process I use for doing tarot readings and go thru a group pick-a-card reading. We will be asking the tarot to tell us if anything from a past life is affecting the main issue in your present life and what information from your past might help you move thru your present issue.

If you arrive while I'm going through explanations or doing the pick-a-card reading, please don't interrupt the process. Simply wait to tell me your name. I will ask one last time before closing the video session to new arrivals.

At approximately 7:45 pm, I will then confirm the list one last time and begin to take individual questions right after that. The tarot readings will be read to the entire group, so keep that in mind when asking your question. All guests are expected to maintain the confidentiality of anything said during this session. Depending on the time and number of participants, a second-round may or may not be done. It's possible that some people interested in asking a first or second tarot question may have to stay on the video call past 10:00. However, I must end the party by 10:30 p.m or I might turn into a toad.

Wink :)

P.S. Costumes are optional. All tarot readings are meant for entertainment and spiritual purposes only. You are responsible for any actions you may or may not take as a result of your reading. Know that looking at past lives can be triggering. It is recommended that you be in a safe and comfortable environment when getting this type of reading and that you have some comforting treats or drinks nearby to help soothe you.