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Discover SCUBA Diving!

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Have you been thinking about getting in the water this Summer, and maybe getting down under the surface to SCUBA Dive?

Do you consider yourself "a fish" when it comes to swimming, and have yet to go to the depths and stay a while?

Well, then ............ Give SCUBA Diving a try with Dave .

This is simply a short immersion into SCUBA. Anyone interested in learning more can speak with me further.

This Meetup will introduce you to much of whats fun about SCUBA. There won't be much swimming or technical drills. It WILL be about having FUN!

Here's What you'll get:

1) A complete breakdown of SCUBA Gear:

2) A briefing on what SCUBA is all about

3) Some simple underwater hand-signals

4) Use of SCUBA Gear and Air for ...........

5) Two - 15 min Guided SCUBA dives (or more) in confined water.

6) Photos of YOU Diving!!

7) Exclusive time to talk-SCUBA Diving with Dave . WooHoo ... Priceless,

((( Dave has dove in many cool places including MOA!!! ))))

This could be You someday!

What you'll Need:

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Shorts & T-shirt (or swim suit), Towel

Payment is required for this Meetup. I will give you 24hrs to pay/make payment arrangements. In Lieu of Online payment, you can pay by check or cash to me directly - again, after arrangements are made with me. Thank you!!

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