What we're about

We're a new, friendly group that organises outdoorsy activities for people of all ages and abilities, although individual events won't necessarily be suitable for all abilities. We'll organise anything that's outdoorsy: walks - from a stroll around a park to climbing a Munro - wild camping, mountain-biking, road-cycling, climbing, kayaking, sailing, wild swimming, and so on.

And given that it can be nice to be with fellow outdoorsies even when not doing something outdoorsy, we also organise non-outdoorsy events: cinema trips, visits to museums and galleries, attending talks and performances, meals/drinks-out, and so on.

Any member can organise an event - see Become an organiser (http://www.meetup.com/outdoorsy/pages/Become_an_organiser/).

There's no obligation to attend our events regularly - you'll be welcome at any of our events whether you come to every one or one a year.

We love meeting new members, and we understand that attending your first event can be at least a little daunting, so we've prepared this: First-time nerves (http://www.meetup.com/outdoorsy/pages/First-time_nerves/).

If you know of others who may be interested in joining our group, please tell them about it, including via social media - the more members, the more events, the more fun.

We look forward to meeting you at one of our events! :-)

Upcoming events (1)

Folklore, Foraging & Trees at the Three Hares Community Woodland

This is an opportunity to help maintain a growing community woodland with path building and the installation of artwork. The RSPB "Phoenix" Youth Group will be joining us to help with tree conservation tasks, ensuring tree survival as well as exploring the medicinal & edible properties and folklore of various plants and trees around the woodland. The Edinburgh University Conservation Society (Dirty Weekenders) will be joining us to finish off our path construction work. This event is free and open to all and you can chose between path or trees. Why is (y)our woodland important, exciting and unique? The Three Hares Woodland is an 18 acre woodland nestled in a quiet valley along the North Esk River, Auchendinny. It is an extremely exciting project - if we show in the next two and a half years that there’s enough people knowing about and caring for the land, using it for biodiversity, education & well-being, it will be COMMUNITY OWNED for the following 99 YEARS! i.e. this small section of our rapidly erasing greenbelt will be protected for a century. There fore we are striving to make partnerships with local community & community groups to increase resilience of our land. This is part of the Campfire days series that will be free & on the LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH and will vary in flavour, from ecotherapy to foraging, tree care to land care, heritage/identification skills and more. They will all include community, nature learning and fire! ♥ Please bring: Food to share or not share, water and clothes for all Scottish weathers. Directions =============== BY BUS: You can catch a 37 or 47 bus to Glencorse Primary School, walk along Graham's Road, walk across the cross-roads and down Old Dalmore Gardens. Follow WALKING from there. BY CAR: You can park on the street at Old Dalmore Path (avoiding the restricted parking spaces) and then follow WALKING from there. BY BIKE: You can cycle to Roslin via the old railway path from Gilmerton or Sheriffhall, cycle along Penicuik Road (past Chapel Lane and Main Street), IGNORE the first sharp left turn downhill, and then take the second left turn uphill as the main road bends to the right. That leads you onto a quiet country lane which bends to right and then left before turning right once more. Follow that lane to its end and then turn right, down the Brae. Keep going until after the traffic lights at the foot of the hill, and then turn left at the next traffic lights, into Old Dalmore Gardens. Follow WALKING from there. WALKING: From Old Dalmore Gardens, turn left and walk past Old Dalmore Path (new build housing), following the multi-use path that heads beyond those houses to their left. Follow the path through a tunnel and over a bridge and on the left you should see an open gate with a sign-post to the right of the gate, this is the Three Hares Woodland. You can also cycle from Penicuik, Rosewell, or Eskbank along the Penicuik-Dalkeith old railway path. https://three-hares-woodland.org/how-to-find-us/ https://www.facebook.com/events/387136255174834/

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