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WE'RE HERE TO MEET IN PERSON, YOU MUST ATTEND A FEW MEETUPS BEFORE WE'LL ADD YOU TO THE SITE, join our low volume email list here for invites(meetups are free): https://groups.google.com/d/forum/whimsyum Thank you!

Meet peers & celebrate each other in peer-run COMMUNITY GATHERINGS w/creative, active, supportive, GROUP ACTIVITIES where PEOPLE INSPIRE EACH OTHER in NEW WAYS, BEYOND CONVENTIONAL ideas & EXPECTATIONS!: OUTSIDE The BOX-- Sci-Fi/Fantasy lovers, Philanthropists, Volunteers, Activists, Gift-ers, Futurists, DIY-ers, Skill-sharers, & other people --who continually, actively, *FREEly*, innovatively, & sustainably contribute their gifts (of time, energy, resources, creativity, love, ideas, etc… ) --to those around them, to rock each other's world, & actively make each other’s dreams happen!

This is a community of people who live by their own rhythms, source their decisions/actions/projects from our imagination, heart & spirit, --rather than letting our lives or others be dictated, & limited, by mainstream thinking.

Share life w/peers like yourself in gatherings w/interactive group activities: Inspirational Playshops; humorous Party Games; Group Art; Future Studies/ Sustainable Projects/Salons; Sci-Fi / Fantasy Projects/ Salons; Social/Interactive mind-body-spirit Fitness & Well Being activities; Dances; Therapeutic Massage Exchange Groups; Peer Mentoring; CoCreated Spiritual Gatherings; & more...!

We have *both* Drop-In Gatherings, *and*

Regularly meeting small & large 'commitment groups;

Plus Special Events, Resources, etc..

Most meetups are in LA/ Los Angeles Coastal Westside; weekdays & weekends:

Gatherings are mostly *ACTIVE*, & outdoors whenever possible, to celebrate our bodies & interweave physical health, well being & a positive appreciation of our body as part of our practices, & daily life: So generally during daylight hours.

Cocreated by diverse network of friends & communities centered around the wisdom of focusing on positive thoughts, energy, & actions; celebrating the beauty & infinite possibilities in each other. Let's connect deeply with each other, & thru both interactive experiences & discussion --explore all aspects of reality, perception & potential in ways that challenge, expand, enrich each other & our communities. Share genuine friendships, acceptance, positive attitude, celebrate diversity!

For people looking for solid friends; who aren't only interested in their own journey, but instead really enjoy being there for each other. And especially people who have inspiring new ideas for the directions in their community & want to cocreate activities, & resources with each other! This is especially a safe place for folks who either feel they don't quite fit in any community; or simply feel disconnected in LA.

This site isn't focused on internet discussion /chat, but instead providing diverse opportunities to meet in-person & find or cocreate activities, projects, & community that resonate with us, --& build lasting meaningful friendships, find real community.

For anyone who welcomes & celebrates solid friendships & leadership from Outside The Box friendly, open-minded people from any background (no matter their: style choices, skin color, shape, age, gender, financial situation, sexual preferences, behavior [shy people, hyper people, etc!]). We embrace the knowledge that our lives are continuously enriched by each other’s unique gifts: We look forward to coming to this community because it's not ‘homogenized’: but instead because we celebrate that we’re all exquisitely diverse, & feel welcome to share it, look & act differently; not hide, or change it:

We invite you to this space beyond conventional conceptions of humanity, & what our group, or individual, role is in society, but to instead enjoy focusing on the unlimited, fantastic, unknown potentials of all human beings. This atmosphere inspires us to feel welcome to continuously contribute whatever we're inspired from our unique personalities & backgrounds. Your ideas here: ___________ ... the possibilities are infinite! Communities can sometimes be introverted and disconnected to the larger picture: This group seeks to create bridges and link people to a wider community & perspective.

Most meetups & community resources posted are free, some are by donation no one turned away for lack of funds; occasionally someone will post something that has a small fee to attend: Community is often times cut off or divided because some folks don't have the financial means necessary to "hang out:" We wish to bridge those gaps and find ways that people can get together (+ find community resources for support) without the added stress of spending money to do so. Some of our members are full time students, others are starving artists; so we're sensitive about other's conditions. Keeping that in mind you're most welcome to suggest anything *in person, at meetups*, --that you think would be particularly interest or meaningful to people; so long as it honors this & the other themes of our site described on this page.

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