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The Order of the White Road's St. Louis Regency (Chapter) is a budding community of seekers, scholars, and mystics, who are united by their love of western hermetic philosophy and occult inquiry.
The Order itself is a worldwide organization and secret society which traces its mystery traditions back to the Anteluvian Age, and attempts to unite those who are serious about learning occult principles around a love of shared ideas and community.
The St. Louis Regency aims to have Meetup events weekly, biweekly, and monthly at different locations in St. Louis, ranging from intellectual discussions to workshops, to informational seminars. We will often feature speakers who are masters in the Order's tradition and guest speakers from other traditions to provide the widest ranging perspectives possible.
We welcome all earnest seekers from all traditions or those who've always been curious about the occult but have not known where to turn or who to ask for reliable information. We love open, courteous dialogues and discussions.
Please come on down, because this is your chance to discuss mysticism and the occult with a set of scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study of its principles.
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Upcoming events (2)

Monthly Meet & Greet

401 Hays Hill Dr

Hello, seekers! The OWR STL Regency will have their monthly open houses starting this month on December 17, at 5 PM. We will be at the Fenton Masonic Lodge, please check directions for more details.

At our open houses, we mingle with seekers and members alike, present a lecture on what the Order of the White Road is, and openly discuss intellectual topics afterward. We also provide drinks and snacks!

This is your chance to meet our members face-to-face, ask questions about our organization, and taste first-hand our Socratic methods of learning and teaching.

We'll be downstairs in the Banquet Hall of the Fenton Masonic Lodge!

OWR Booth at St. Louis Pagan Picnic 2023

Tower Grove Park

The STL Regency of the Order of the White Road will be at the St. Louis Pagan Picnic on June 3 & 4, 2023! Come visit our members as we provide tarot card readings, lectures on hermeticism, and fundraising raffles!

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Monthly Meet & Greet

401 Hays Hill Dr

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